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Books by Dexter James

Author Dexter James

Of Ghosts and Aliens
Albert is a man of routine, a confirmed bachelor not swayed by opinions, theories or the unexplained, until, that is, he moved to a house in a remote part of Norfolk. There, his life was turned upside down as strange occurrences began to change his way of life forever. His comedic attempts to complete a quest, that he really didn't want to attempt in the first place, had left him penniless, [...]

Genesis Déjà vu – The New Eden
The survivors of an apocalyptic event (Genesis Deja vu - The Beginning) are faced with challenges in their new world. The arrival of two submarines and an elderly couple from the mainland certainly helped the only two surviving, breeding couples known on the planet - but it also created other issues. Other survivors join the small community and as events unfold, relationships are strained and [...]

The Ultimate Conspiracy
A pact has been agreed between British politicians and leading American colonists for a war of independence to take place that Britain would ultimately lose. In return, the new U.S. would secretly pay an amount to Britain each year that would help support the financing of their navy and military to defend themselves and their Empire against a new French Republic. Throughout the coming years this [...]

Heist during the Rio Games
From a desolate cell located at a remote, state-of-the-art prison facility in Northern Ontario, inmate Brian Beasley plans his escape. Convicted of embezzlement when he masterfully infiltrated a bank's computer system, Beasley and a would-be journalist assigned to write about his story secretly plan to break him free and make their way to Brazil - a place with lax extradition laws where he can [...]

Ghost Marina On the Mississippi
The novel is all about the disappearance of some high-profile boats, their crews and passengers, but there are also some haunting moments in the story, a kind of Stephen King meets Clive Cussler. The novel flips between modern day and World War II, centering around a man's search for his grandfather, a U.S. Seaman, whose demise was categorized as 'missing in action'. But how could that be? During [...]

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