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Books by Marilynn Dawson

Author Marilynn Dawson

Mom's Little Black Book - Godly Advice for the High School Graduate
This little book is meant to be a Mother's attempt at guiding her graduating teenager through some of the more common aspects of daily life. Among it's pages are quotes from a much more comprehensive guide, otherwise known as the Bible! God says to raise up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. God also urges parents to ensure that their children, like [...]

Becoming the Bride of Christ - A Personal Journey (Volume 7)
Leader's Guide: "This is not your typical lightly feathered daily moment of uplifting encouragement. Instead, you hold in your hand an outline for boot camp as you travel with me through: discoveries, revelations, lessons regarding what it means to get closer to God's heart, the cleansing fires of God's love, and scratch the surface of what it means to live this out in every day life where the [...]

Becoming the Bride of Christ - A Personal Journey (Volume 6)
Volume Six: "I saw a tidbit one day, of someone not understanding why anyone would sing of falling in love with God, or why anyone would sing of God desiring to love us. They asked if they should glorify God or send Him flowers. . . God says in Scripture that He longs to take us under His wings as a mother hen gathers her chicks (Psalm 91:4, Matthew 23:37). God says He sings over us and rests in [...]

Becoming the Bride of Christ - A Personal Journey (Volume 5)
Volume Five: "Indeed. . . God sets the solitary in families. . . the lonely among those who care. . . Through the efforts of some of those among my church family's pastoral staff, the glass walls began to crumble. . . It was fearful at times, especially when big chunks of those walls fell down leaving me feeling exposed and vulnerable for a time. . . But God in His wisdom had placed the right [...]

Becoming the Bride of Christ - A Personal Journey (Volume 4)
Volume Four: "I was recently reminded of why I choose to lose myself in moments of praise and worship regardless of my circumstances. It is only when I take my eyes off what is going on around this home and put them on Christ, that I can en gage in and experience feelings of joy, gratitude and love, and seek to touch my Lord's heart. It is so comforting, so reassuring and so quieting, that God [...]

Becoming the Bride of Christ - A Personal Journey (Volume 3)
Volume Three: "Clearly to God, holiness is a beautiful thing. . . a Christian that sets themselves apart from worldly influences in order to please a holy God, brings a smile to His face and pleasure to His heart. It tells Him that this person genuinely wants to please Him and will literally do anything to bring that about. This is the kind of person God wants relationship with!" Becoming the [...]

Becoming the Bride of Christ - A Personal Journey (Volume 2)
Volume Two: "God's been speaking to me so much about His love and how it affects areas of life I never really thought about before, areas that I'm realizing are almost impossible to achieve victory in apart from His love working in me. It honestly amazes me. Truly we can do nothing apart from the transforming work of God's love through the Holy Spirit in our lives. All our best efforts apart from [...]

Becoming the Bride of Christ - A Personal Journey (Volume 1)
Volume One: "It was then that an unmistakable sensation came over me, as if God were holding me in a 360 degree embrace and saying, "NOW I can love you!" Fresh tears began to flow as I sat there soaking in a love I had never anticipated could ever flow from God to me. I honestly had never learned that God could touch my emotions. I had never expected that God's love and talk of His Bride would be [...]

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