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Books by Betty Mermelstein

Author Betty Mermelstein

A Spirited Justice
Karen comes across a nineteenth century newspaper article at college. It hints at the supposed stealing of a horse trophy by her ancestor, Thomas, even though there is no evidence. Thomas and his wife, Margaret, appear to Karen, as they have in the past, and she swears she will clear Thomas' name. Many strange and humorous situations with her dead relatives occur as Karen pursues her goal.

Water Play
Water Play is about four friends who use their imagination for a fun day of play while swimming in a lake. It was inspired by my own childhood experiences at Klinger Lake, Michigan, and all of the children's activities are ones I participated in myself. We swam through the raft supports, played King of the Hill on the raft, gave ourselves mud shampoos from the weed bed, pretended a neighbor's [...]

Wagon Wheels
WINNER of Discovering Indie Writers 2016 book contest in Children's Book category! A little girl collects a variety of items as she goes down the sidewalk with her wagon. With rhyming words and a predictable refrain, children can read/recite the words more easily.

Desert Sensations
A young boy describes his experiences with various desert phenomena. He traces the paths of lightning across a monsoon sky with his eyes and watches the world turn reddish brown as a dust storm approaches. He sees the sunset as the product of a giant squeezing tubes of paint from below the horizon and canyon walls as layers from the mud, sun, and parched-land years. The desert provides wonderful [...]

Seven for Reflection
I have always been an observer, studying the relationships of people and how they interact with one another. Seven for Reflection is a collection of short stories that deal with relationships: stranger to stranger, lover to lover, friend to friend, son to father, wife to husband, etc. It took several years to write these and to decide to compile them into one book. We have all had similar [...]

Jib and Spinnaker - Sailors of the Low Seas
Jib and Spinnaker are two little mice who fall into a swimming pool as they are being chased by a dog. They think they have fallen into the ocean, and as they try to get out, they encounter many pool toys and equipment that, to them, look like other strange things. How will they escape the waters of the deep?

A School Year of Caring
Beth is a second grade teacher who deals with the realistic and sometimes humorous situations that are part of her class. She must make daily decisions concerning children who misbehave, who are often absent, whose skills are not progressing, and who suffer abuse at home. The consequences of reporting abuse turn violent for Beth, but she remains determined to do the right thing. When she meets a [...]

A Spirited Inheritance
Teenager Karen has difficulty getting along with her mother, who does not share her love for crawling, six-legged creatures. While preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, Karen sees an image of a man when she polishes an old sterling silver spoon. She realizes that same face is in one of the photographs in the hallway upstairs. As she stares at the photo, and at the woman's face in the frame next to [...]

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