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Books by Elise Lowe

Author Elise Lowe

Samson and the Little Bird - A Children’s Story about a Bad Tempered Bull and a Brave Little Bird
Samson is the strongest, scariest and angriest bull in the field. The other cows are terrified of him. One day, a little bird lands in the field and sings her beautiful song. Samson demands that she leave, but the small bird refuses to be bullied. Each time Samson loses his temper and charges at the little bird, she outsmarts him, and he ends up hurting himself. But can a bad tempered bull be [...]

Presley the White Peacock - A Children’s Story about the Beauty of Kindness
Presley is different from other peacocks. All of his feathers are white. Picked on by the more colourful birds, Presley tries to flee. He dives into a dark cave, where he meets Mandy the Mole. The blind mole convinces Presley that the rainforest isn't the same without him and gives him the confidence to return home. To the dismay of the brightly coloured peacocks, Presley receives a warm welcome [...]

Kitchen Knives & Insta-lies - Her younger self would have reeled with disgust at what she'd become
She had fought tooth and nail for success, beat hundreds of others to the internship at Brightly Lit Productions, worked harder than anyone to secure promotion after promotion, prioritised work to the point of cancelling her honeymoon because her boss, Nick Maher, had declared they couldn't manage without her. And all for what? Former hotshot TV producer turned frustrated stay-at-home mum Sophia [...]

A Lot of Fuss About a Duck
Everything is about to change for Lauren, Olivia and Julia, as new romances put old friendships to the test. - "The author has a natural voice that makes it seem like a good friend is telling you the story." Sam Ryan, Indie Book Reviewers - Lauren Liebman, Olivia Johnson and Julia Kettle have been friends since school, but by the time they hit their late-twenties, their lives have gone in [...]

The Story of Meow - The Tale of a Stray Kitten’s Search for a Loving Home
"Both story and pictures are darling so I can recommend this book with five purrs and two paws up." Susan J, Netgalley Based on the true story of a stray kitten who was taken in by students, this book tells the extraordinary tale of a lonely street cat who eventually found her perfect home. Though she faced hunger and hardship, rejection and ridicule, the spirited kitten refused to give up on her [...]

Paddy and his Disappearing Daddy - A charming story designed to help children understand why parents go to work
Paddy doesn't understand why his daddy disappears every morning... until he secretly follows him to work. "This is just the cutest little story! The magical way this book explains disappearing daddies is charming!" Val, GoodReads After her little boy became distraught each time his dad left for the office, Elise Lowe created the story of the little leprechaun Paddy and his disappearing daddy. [...]

Enthusiastic Annabel - When Making Cakes Is so Much Fun, It's Impossible to Stop at One!
Annabel is a very enthusiastic, young armadillo. She loves learning new tricks but also has a tendency to get completely carried away.That's exactly what happens when her grandma teaches her how to make chocolate biscuit cake - she makes far more than her family can ever hope to eat.But Annabel is determined no cake should go to waste...

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