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Books by Claudia Silva

The Collapse - A NAVSA Universe Short Story
What if you were trapped under a building with a vampire? For Agent Nick Reynolds, visiting the morgue is routine. That is, until he has to take a Special Agent Dylan Torrence down to investigate two men who are missing their hearts. After they get trapped inside, Agent Reynolds must survive after the hungry vampire that hides under Dylan Torrence's skin wakes up. "The Collapse" is a short story [...]

North American Vampire Secret Agency Box Set 1 (Books 1-3 & Short Story)
The North American Vampire Secret Agency (NAVSA) series follows the adventures of Rebecca Sawyer as she joins werewolf hunter Dylan Torrence in battling werewolves and other supernatural threats that terrorize mankind. This box set includes the first three books in this six part series and a bonus short story: Book One - The Recruit: A young girl is thrust into a battle between vampires and [...]

Suspension - A NAVSA Universe Prequel
What will he do with immortality if they won't let him do his job? A secret agency turned Dylan Torrence into a vampire decades ago to hunt and kill werewolves. But Dylan doesn't play well with humans. One day things go too far and the director of the vampire agency decides to strip him of his gun and badge. It doesn't end there. Unless Dylan can find his humanity again he will be banished as a [...]

The Fall of Witchcraft - N.A.V.S.A. Series Book Three (The North American Vampire Secret Agency)
Witches and Vampires form an unstoppable alliance. But will it be enough to thwart the werewolves' sinister plan? The vampires have an ally in their war against the savage werewolves. Witches, skilled in magic and sorcery, fight by their side. But a hidden danger threatens to tear apart this alliance. The Head Witch has lost communication with half her Coven. A powerful traitor lurks in their [...]

Vocation - A Short Story
Everybody has dreams. Not all can come true. Jeremy is cursed . He knows what his dream is. He knows what he was born to do. Will the curse stop him from following his vocation? If you love The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror , you will enjoy this tale of horror.

Magma Girl - A Short Story
Be careful who you trust. For superhero, Magma Girl , life isn't a fairy tale at all. One day she decides to tell her best friend her secret and what she really thinks of the life she leads. Things will never be the same . If you like shows like Black Mirror or The Twilight Zone , you will love this dark short story about a superhero who never grew up.

Why Can't I Be Here? - A Short Story
A story about belonging and dragons. One day, Kerri walked down the street to The House . At first, everything felt right. She felt happy. But, her welcome won't last. The House is hiding a secret. Something that won't let her stay. What could it be? Why won't they let her stay? From the author of the North American Vampire Secret Agency Series (The Recruit, Werewolf Phenomenon, The Fall of [...]

Rivals - A Short Story
A short tale where the hunter becomes the hunted. There's a reason Detective Erik Peterson likes working alone... he has a dark secret. When there is a new and strange case to be solved, will he be able to hunt down the killer everybody calls The Vampire after he gets assigned a new and inexperienced partner? How will he be able to keep his secret with a nosy new detective on his heels? From the [...]

Werewolf Phenomenon - N.A.V.S.A. Series Book Two (The North American Vampire Secret Agency)
A new vampire begins her first hunt. But her target is not what he seems... Rebecca has joined the ranks of the vampires, and begun training to hunt werewolves for the agency that recruited her. But when one of the savage beasts saves her life, she realizes that the vampires have an unlikely ally in their secret war... William is a werewolf. But unlike the other shapeshifters in his pack, he [...]

The Recruit - N.A.V.S.A. Series Book One (The North American Vampire Secret Agency)
A young girl is thrust into a battle between vampires and werewolves. But first she must survive her initiation... Rebecca Sawyer never thought she was anything special. An orphan, a runaway... Just another girl with crushed dreams and a broken heart. But then she met Dylan, a mysterious stranger with a past even darker than her own. Through Dylan, Rebecca discovers a world she never knew [...]

A Few Drops of Fantasy (A Collection of Short Stories)
Five short stories that defy imagination: a breakup, a girl unwanted, a talk amongst friends, a young boy looking for a purpose and a detective who meets his new partner. These stories will take you to fantastic worlds where not everything is what it seems... expect the unexpected.

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