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Books by Zeena Nackerdien

Author Zeena Nackerdien

The African Piper of Harlem
Neither fish nor fowl, every immigrant threads the needle between being one of "us" versus one of "them." The plot is both a fantasy and an exercise in exploring ways in which recent African immigrants and African-Americans recognize and embrace each other's cultural differences. In Harlem, the mecca of black America, immigrants of every complexion live side by side with the descendants of [...]

Lethal Copycats
Inside the Mind of a Mass Shooter. Hilde is a ubiquitous sixteen-year-old growing up in suburbia. Abandoned to a life of loneliness by alcoholic parents, she turns to the Internet for solace. Here, she bonds with likeminded friends and finds comfort in the rage expressed by the Columbine mass school shooters. The diary of a real-life mass-school shooter becomes her template for mimicking his [...]

American Voices
American suburbs are populated with mostly white and wealthy residents, white picket fences, and children preparing themselves for corporate positions at Ivy-league schools. Connecticut certainly fits this profile, as it is often cited as a state with the densest concentration of wealth in the USA. But labels or hashtags can be misleading, especially in an age when voices tend to congregate in [...]

A young woman grows up on the wrong side of the tracks in Paarl, South Africa. Here Muslim and Christian neighbors live in peace, bonded by the common yokes of poverty and a legacy of apartheid. Like poor women everywhere, the options for Sarah are slim - marriage or a lady-like job such as a secretary, marking time until she meets Mr. Right. Two men vie for her hand: Pang earns a living by [...]

The Heroine Next Door
*An inspiring tale of the hope and despair of being a Muslim in post-9/11 - America. this is a story of one woman's journey in apartheid South Africa - and the United States of America.* Leila Hassan, a scientist, returns to a place that haunts her dreams - the - 9/11 memorial. Once upon a time she was a starry-eyed young woman, who - transcended her impoverished roots to pursue a dream of [...]

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