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Books by Clabe Polk

Author Clabe Polk

The Calling of Amos Puckett
Amos Puckett grows up to be a missionary in late 19th century Cuba, a Spanish Colony. Unconsciously following in his father's footsteps, he encounters a series of potentially fatal experiences and learns to use a natural gift, an interest in herbal medicine, to heal the bodies and souls of others. His defeats teach him about winning and losing, and about his faith. His wins teach him that God is [...]

A Valentine for Mary Jane (Charlotte's Diary Book 1)
Can a guardian angel change history? February 10-14, 1929 - Mary Jane's Chicago Police Officer fiancee, John McQueen, has gotten himself into deep trouble with no idea how to get out. He's on a collision course with the St. Valentine's Day massacre. With Mary Jane as his cheering section, his guardian angel, Charlotte, and a parish priest, Father Regan mount a last ditch effort to save him. Can [...]

Teal Dissociated
Everyone thought Devon Traxler died along with the crew of her hovercraft. Imagine their surprise when she washed up on the Teal Colony's pristine beach...pregnant. With no rational explanation for the pregnancy. Imagine their surprise to discover a planet teeming with individual cells that function as one worldwide organism...a genetic Rubik's Cube. Imagine their surprise to learn Traxler's [...]

Double or Nothing
The Great Cuban Hurricane of 1910 stuck western Cuba, and then turned and struck Cuba a second time doing untold damage and killing hundreds. Some said the storm was the work of the Devil. Some of the older folks said the Devil drove teams of demons with whips through the Cuban mountains clearing paths wherever they went. But at the hurricane's height, on October 18th, witnesses say a strange [...]

Fire on the Mountain - A Detective Mike Eiser Novel (The Detective Mike Eiser Series Book 3)
The Havens, a family with roots growing deep in the muck of Southern mountain bootlegging have progressed from selling illicit corn whiskey through marijuana farming to (in the current generation) methamphetamine production. A set of triplets; Jack, a meth producer and wife of Susan, Jason, another meth producer, who hooks Susan to infuriate Jack, and Jake, a local handyman who creates unholy [...]

Emilio - A Harry Morgan Adventure (The Adventures of Harry Morgan Book 2)
WHO KILLED LAUREL JACKSON AND EMILIO VELASQUEZ? Tony Middleton has been left to dangle facing extortion and manslaughter charges in Oregon. He has no defense attorney until his mother, Amanda Middleton, has a change of heart. Enlisting the aid of Harry and Jean Morgan, Amanda teams with defense attorney Martin Blaine to push a defense investigation into the allegations against Tony. With help [...]

The Adventures of Harry Morgan, Volume 1
A collection of three fast-paced crime action novellas featuring an active adventurous retiree, Harry Morgan, a magnet that attracts trouble everywhere he goes. A retired businessman living in St. Petersburg, Florida, Harry owns a sailboat. His friends and long-suffering wife, Jean, have given up trying to keep him out of disasters, but invariably they are also sucked into the story and endure [...]

Angelica - A Detective Mike Eiser Novel (The Detective Mike Eiser Series Book 4)
A LONG TIME AGO, ANGELICA VICETTI DID SOME VERY BAD THINGS WITH SOME VERY BAD MEN. Now, eleven years later, she's built a new life for her family, far from her old life in Las Vegas. BUT IT'S ALL ABOUT TO COME CRASHING DOWN! Angelica Vicetti of Las Vegas has become Angela Cassetta of Poplar Bluffs, just outside Atlanta, Georgia. She's built a successful real estate agency, and the son she rescued [...]

The Road to Armageddon
MARK BISHOP OPENED A NEW BANK ACCOUNT...AND DISCOVERED HELL ON EARTH! Mark Bishop has too much month left when his money runs out. Seeking relief, he opened a bank account at new bank, International Financial Services (IFS) He never suspects that he is buying into a strategy for world domination operated by the Antichrist...or that his world is plummeting toward the War of Armageddon. He never [...]

Collegial Conspiracy - A Harry Morgan Adventure (The Adventures of Harry Morgan Book 1)
It's thrilling and heartbreaking at times... a great protagonist... an interesting, if not surreal novel that pushes the boundaries of typical mystery/crime literature. - Sam Ryan An old friend, Wiley Middleton, who dying of cancer asks Harry to help him with his bucket list. "Help me rob a bank!" Not just any bank. The bank Harry has done business with for years. Not just any robbery. A robbery [...]

Schism - A Detective Mike Eiser Novel (The Detective Mike Eiser Series Book 3)
"EACH SCENE WAS RIVETING, IMAGINATIVE AND WELL CRAFTED. THE DESCRIPTIONS WERE VERY VIVID AND REALISTIC - LIKE WATCHING A MOVIE." Kat Thomas thought she left gang violence behind in Atlanta when she fled to Poplar Bluffs. Now, eleven years later, the man who killed her son Quinton's father has returned, he wants Quinton for his gang The Raven Claws... HE'S WILLING TO GO TO ANY LENGTHS TO GET HIM! [...]

Hot Summer Nights - The Detective Mike Eiser Series
Lonnie Rafferty has problems. He is mentally and emotionally challenged; and he worships his big brother, Everett, his guardian and caregiver. He also has a compulsion he can't control. Everett Rafferty is a real estate agent, Sunday School teacher and pillar of the community; except that Everett has a few imperfections too. Everett is so wrapped up in his business that he would stop at nothing [...]

Devolution - A Short Tale of a Dystopian Far Future
Derek 100771 lives in a far future world where the human population has long exceeded the ability of the Earth to support it. Derek is a person who needs human contact and communication in a world where human interaction is controlled by computers and even sex is virtual. But Derek is a rebel. He is willing to risk correction and attitude adjustment, even recycling in order to maintain a little [...]

Backslide - The Detective Mike Eiser Series
Detective Mike Eiser is a conscientious small town cop. He takes he takes his friends and neighbors to heart. So when Mike's partner and mentor, Charlie Bozeman is killed by a sniper right in front of Mike's eyes, in a town that hasn't had a murder in years, Mike needs to find the killer fast. The evidence points to a trained military or law enforcement sniper. Eiser's boss, Sheriff Glenn [...]

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