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Books by Sesan Oguntade

Author Sesan Oguntade

How to Launch Your Business as a Christian - Even if you have no start-up money and with all the odds against you
Are you a Christian and you have struggled to launch your cherished business idea which you have kept in your heart for many years now? If you are one, this simple, short and easy-to-read guide will be of great help to you. After I finished a wealth-creation book in my country, I took the decision to include a short survey on the first page of the book and the question below was one of the [...]

7 Reasons Why God Wants To Solve Your Problems - Christian Secrets to a Happy Life
Do you allow your problems to overwhelm you? Have you searched frantically for a guide on how to overcome failure and achieve success? I believe you already have compiled a long list of obstacles to overcome in your life, family and business and have no clue on how to get over these problems. Are you a Christian and you have wondered if God is ready and willing to help you overcome all the [...]

Your Own App Empire - How to build apps, monetize and distribute your own mobile apps Free (a step by step picture guide)
Do You Want To Learn How To Build Mobile Apps Without Codes And At Zero Cost? If you have not used a mobile app to represent your business, this is a good opportunity for you to do so. You can build your own mobile app yourself at no cost to you! Even if you have never learnt any code or do any techy task on your computer or online before, you can click one or two links and build your own mobile [...]

How to Overcome Fear Spiritually - 9 practical and powerful ways to get rid of any type of fear
Do you still allow fear to stop you from taking developmental steps? If you have struggled to put that business idea that has been in your heart for many years to work, then you're dwelling in the cage of fear. A wise man once said a child is born without fear except the ones he's taught by the society as he grows up. I want you to understand that everyone has the tendency to have fear but those [...]

Doctrines of Demons - How to identify and avoid them
Different Doctrines of Demons are already here with us and it's sad that lots of people are already under their spell! These evil doctrines clearly go against the good doctrines of the bible or the doctrines of salvation. You need the right knowledge and information to identify these wrong teachings in our society if you don't want to ignorantly come under their spell! Paul wrote that these [...]

Beginner's Guide On How to Design Newspapers With Corel Draw
How Absolutely Anyone Can Begin to Edit and Design Newsletters and Newspapers Using Corel Draw - If you have spent lots of money paying graphic designer whenever you want to edit and design a newsletter for your organisation and products or a newspaper for your newspaper company, then you will stop wasting your hard earned money if you read on. You are very much capable of designing these [...]

Wealth Codes - An epic Christian novel on strong financial teachings and wealth creation
Bola Ajagun worked as a Mathematics teacher with the Federal Government of Nigeria for many years. He had been taught most Bible financial success principles right from his teenage Christian years and believed he had all it takes to be financially successful in his lifetime. However, when happenings around his financial life were contrary to his religious knowledge and beliefs, he knew he needed [...]

The Christian Entrepreneur - How Christians Can Begin to Run Profitable Businesses Without Breaking The Rules Of God
Do You Want To Start And Run Profitable Businesses and Companies And Still Maintain Your Integrity As A Christian? Learn the basic principles of how you can begin to run profitable businesses as a Christian. This book shows what is required of you. It explains, using the eye of the Word of God, basic principles of how billion-dollar businesses run affairs in their companies. You can run a [...]

How to Format Your Books for Kindle and Smashwords Publishing
This simple picture guide, How to Format Your Books for Kindle and Smashwords Publishing will show you in simple, picture steps how you can begin to format your books for Kindle and Smashwords. You don't need to be scared of this task again and you don't need to hire anyone to do it for you. These publishing platforms offer authors the chance to self-publish their books at no cost but the book [...]

Is Tithing a Godly Practice? - Over 30 Bible Facts You Have Not Been Told About The Tithe You Pay!
Do You Want To Know Whether You Must Embrace Tithing As a Practice In Your Church? The debate over the topic of tithing continues in the Christian circle and I don't really see an end to it in the nearest future. This book has been prepared to shed light on this controversial issue. You will be taken your own decision at the end of the book. You will be able to find out whether tithing is a New [...]

How to Start Profitable Businesses and Organizations from Simple Ideas and With What You Have
This book, 'How to Start Profitable Businesses from Simple Ideas and With What You Have' will show you simple Christian principles that you can begin to use to conceive ideas and the strategies you can begin to use to execute these ideas at any level you are and with whatever resources you have. It's filled with lots of reference to bible and post-bible days people who used these principles to [...]

Billion-Dollar Freebies Strategy...Unique and Efficient Small Business Marketing Fundamentals to Grow Your Business
Do You Want To Discover Secrets Behind The Use Of Freebies By Billionaire Companies And Organizations? Do You Want To Learn How You Can Begin To Use These Secrets In Your Own Business To Increase Profits And Customer Base? Billion-Dollar Freebies Strategy...Unique and Efficient Small Business Marketing Fundamentals to Grow Your Business describes how individuals and successful companies have used [...]

33 Effective Christian Strategies to Grow a Successful Business - Tips to start and grow a small business
Struggling With Your Small Business? You Can Make More Profits Using These Great Christian Practical Strategies. 33 Effective Christian Strategies to Grow a Successful Business will show you simple strategies to start and grow your small business. These Christian tips will help your business growth day by day. This book merged the practical truth and principles from God's Word to present-day [...]

How to Maintain Focus and Concentration - ...practical tips on how to reach the end of projects
How to maintain focus and concentration will help you to handle distractions. It will help you to keep your focus on your business goals. It contains practical tips on how you can keep up the momentum when you start a business project until the end of the project. Most times, it appears very easy to kick start a project, a company, an idea or an organisation but it takes a lot of works if the [...]

How to Make Your Books Appeal to Readers - How to write non fiction books that make readers talk about your books
Now Readers Can Fall in Love With Your Books! Are you getting tired and disappointed? That book has failed to get good reviews and sell very well on the various sales platforms. Do you sometimes wonder how best-selling, non-fiction authors have written books that have drawn lots of goodwill, positive word of mouth and lots of cash? You should stop your search, 'How to Make Your Books Appeal to [...]

52 Bible Secrets For Your Business Success - And how organisations have used these secrets in their businesses
52 Bible Secrets for your business Success - Are You a Christian Small Business Owner and You Want to Improve Your Business Skills and Also Get Inspired on a Daily basis to Take Your Small Business to the Next Level? Get your copy of an interesting book that uses bible principles to teach practical business development skills by Sesan Oguntade Don't take your feet yet off the pedal of developing [...]

You Are A Story Away From Stopping Masturbation
Having issues with stopping any addiction problem or masturbation? This short ebook guide will help you. This books tells an interesting story that will lead you to put a stop to masturbation. An interesting book written in simple and plain language. You will be reading a story and at the same time discovering the simple strategies you can begin to use to put an end to masturbation or any [...]

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