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Author TB Riggs

An Old Man's Folley
Tom Stanberry is a fifty-year-old philosopher and seeker of women. But ever since his wife died, he's been lost and alone save for his secret weekend liaisons with Josephine, a talented and savvy romance writer. But even Josephine isn't enough to keep Tom here. He needs a change of scenery, to get away from all the widows in town desperate to make him their next husband. Luckily, he knows just [...]

Under The Pecan Tree - A Texas Love Story
Heidi Beckman is a twenty-one-year-old governess. Heinrich Fisher is a thirty-year-old tutor and teacher. Both were left orphaned, stranded on the shores of life, alone and without any true family. Though their tragedies differ, in the end, they come together in the most unexpected of places, destined to find both love and heartbreak. When Mrs. Peck, a wealthy, widowed Texan grandmother is [...]

Bon Voyage - A Love Story
When Sandra Watson sees Harry Wilson across the room at a friend's birthday party, it's love at first sight at least, it is for her. Sandra is a young and beautiful actress, while Harry is a handsome New York bachelor and world-renowned artist it's a match made in heaven! But while Sandra swears she must marry him or die, Harry remains blissfully ignorant of her pursuit because he's too busy [...]

Texas Voodoo
Sofia Henley, a young mail order bride, and wife of John Henley, a rancher living in Galveston Texas, unknowingly and quite by accident performs a voodoo ritual, that brings unusual results. A tongue in cheek story, and a winner of the "Texas Authors Short Story Competition in 21015.

The Rose Of Kendall Manor - A Love Story
Bradford Thurman has everything a young man in late 1700s American could want. He's an esteemed Harvard graduate, gainfully employed as a doctor, and desperately in love with the lovely and devoted Rosemarie from Kendall Manor. Unfortunately, Rosemarie's father is a British Lord, and in the midst of the Revolutionary War, a young American is not the sort of man he wants his daughter marrying. [...]

A Light In The Attic - A Texas Love Story
Young writer Abigail Gifford was born and raised in an English orphanage with no family to call her own and no idea where she really came from. Her past is shrouded in mystery, and that's just a reality she's come to accept. Then she receives a letter from a woman named Miss Hannah, a true Texas hillbilly living in the remote town of Big Bend who claims to be her long-lost aunt. With invitation [...]

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