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Books by Eric J. Gates

Author Eric J. Gates

Primed (Outsourced Book 2)
Defense Intelligence agent Bridget Mason is back! Recently recovered from her gunshot wounds, she is assigned an 'easy' case' which turns out to be anything but. Nic Stiles confesses what really happened in India and Phil Beasley takes a deadly decision when they find themselves threatened by the Bratva Russian Mafia. In the second book in the 'Outsourced' series, the protagonists are thrust into [...]

Six short stories of deceit and betrayal. From the savannah of Africa to the grey corridors of the UK's Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), the lives of diamond smugglers and intelligence agents clash as personal agendas come to the fore. There are those who will stop at nothing to get what they want, who will sell out anyone, anywhere, at any time. Then there are the innocents...

the CULL - Blood Demon
Katie and the team take on an ancient preternatural threat that far exceeds their own abilities while seeking to prove one of them is not a murderer; Amy is assigned a case which lies squarely in Katie's area of expertise but has to tackle it alone. A treacherous new conspiracy surfaces with deadly consequences.

What's the most dangerous gift a fan could send to an author? And if that fan was a professional assassin? Readers' Favorite 2017 GOLD MEDAL Winner Chill With a Book READERS' AWARD Sept 2017 GoodReads BOOK of the MONTH February 2015 New York-based writer Nic Stiles receives a strange package in the mail. It's not long before he realises what it represents will change his life... with deadly [...]

the CULL - Blood Box
BOXSET edition of the first 3 books in 'the CULL' series. 'the CULL' series is a new, fast-paced and highly original take on vampire lore. No fangs; no morphing into bats; just adrenaline-pumping fury as two female Federal agents encounter the unimaginable. "A gripping action book, fast-paced and addictive. You're going to have a problem putting it down. Remember to breathe." "The characters are [...]

the CULL - Blood Feud
Amy and Katie discover the startling truth of who is behind the attacks and decide to go on the offensive. Strange alliances lead to violent death as they seek to overcome the most formidable enemy they have yet to face. An old ally resurfaces, yet everyone seems to have their own agenda, which leads to constant conflict where no one can be trusted, as they take on forces more sinister and [...]

the CULL - Bloodstone
Two new enemies emerge as the relationship between Amy and the 'new' Katie evolves in unexpected ways. Katie is searching for answers; a new ally may help in her quest. Amy finds herself taking on a powerful adversary without the help of her partner. An old nemesis returns in an unforseen twist in this thrilling continuation of'the CULL - Bloodline'.

Leaving Shadows
The Head of British Intelligence is kidnapped. A ransom demanded. A private security company is tasked with his recovery. But nothing is as it seems... Opposing forces clash with deadly consequences as they race to control the most devastating weapon of mass destruction devised by Man! Deceit and betrayal against a backdrop of real events in this nail-biting suspense thriller from Eric J. Gates. [...]

the CULL
A new, fast-paced and highly original take on vampire lore. No fangs; no morphing into bats; just adrenaline-pumping fury as two female Federal agents encounter the unimaginable. 2018 READERS' FAVORITE Honorable Mention Book Award Winner READERS' FAVORITE 5 STAR review 2018: "I applaud Gates for the well thought out premise, plot, and the way he made his vampires unique, deftly using the classic [...]

Full Disclosure
For over seventy years they kept a secret. The biggest secret in the history of Mankind. Now a dying town finds itself on the front lines of a covert war, when the President makes a Full Disclosure. A nail-biting thriller that asks the question: Should the public be told? Some reader reviews for Full Disclosure: "A fast, frenetic thriller... all the makings of a great page-turner." "Very edge of [...]

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