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Books by Susan Segovia-Munoz

Author Susan Segovia-Munoz

Sweet Melissa - Shine On You Crazy Junkie a memoir (Book Six 6)
After decades of heroin addiction and crime the author finally wakes up as reality strikes her hard in the gut. She is chained to her deathbed with correctional officers by her side. The doctor has told her that there is nothing more they can do for her and she will most likely die within a few days.

Sweet Melissa - Caged, But Free (Book Five 5)
I have been a hardcore junkie for many years and I am certain that I will never stop using heroin or any other street drug. I love to get high. Point blank. I'm sure I will overdose again and my body will be found in a gutter somewhere in Los Angeles.

Sweet Melissa - Destination Unknown (Book Four 4)
All I ever wanted was to be loved. That's all. Now I am strung out on heroin, even more vulnerable than ever, and clinically depressed. My entire existence is controlled by heroin and the need to escape reality. My rationality is being dominated, paralyzed, and defeated by another entity.

Sweet Melissa - Behind Bars (Book Three 3)
Roses are red. Violets are blue. If you shoot too much HEROIN, You'll soon be blue too... I can't stop using heroin. I spent nine months in the hole all by myself and I still want to use. What's wrong with me? I need to get high. I overdosed in another inmate's cell - blue - and was left alone to die in prison. I don't know why, but heroin is the only thing that I want.

Sweet Melissa - What's So Sweet About Melissa? (Book Two 2)
Why am I so dumb? Why can't I see what I am doing to myself? Why do bad things keep happening to me? I don't think I will ever get out of this nightmare of a so-called life, and sometimes I feel as though I would be better off dead. I am more alone than I have ever been before. I choose drugs over shelter. I am homeless and I am walking the streets of Los Angeles. I am scarred, torn, and [...]

Sweet Melissa - Ignorance is not Bliss (Book One 1)
A shy teenage girl is bored with everything and everyone - especially her upper-middle-class family. She leaves home hoping to find excitement and adventure, but lands in the arms of a manipulative stranger. He introduces her to the underground world of prostitution, drugs, and crime - a world where escape seems impossible.

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