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Author Robert Marquiss

Above The Moon
It was the year 1963 and a Martian space ship crash landed on Earth. The wreckage indicated that it had been in a battle. It also had the technical information and components needed for human hibernation in space. A recon mission was ordered to discover what threat these beings actually were. The men trained for years on the equipment developed to carry out the mission. A moon launch was used as [...]

The Kingdoms of Magic Volume 1
This is a collection of the first nine Novelettes of The Kingdoms of Magic. It is a fantasy tale of a beautiful and brilliant Fairy Princess, a Pirate Doctor, and many others in a Magical Kingdom. The Kingdom, created by Master Sorcerer Loden, is on the hidden Island of Nor in the Forgotten Sea. By the grace of Loden, King Zurich commands over the Isle of Nor and the islands that surround it. The [...]

Star Base III - The Adventure Begins
Captain Morgan ia ordered by the Admiral of Star Base III to take on a - perilous mission to save a star ship, the Orion, her crew and the vital data she carries for Star Base III. The Orion had been attacked by Hawk Battle Cruisers from Zadack. Severely damaged, the Orion escaped and hid in a nebula where she waited for help. Morgan knew there was no time to lose in saving her. The fastest way [...]

Azeroth Prime - The War Begins
On the main island, Azeroth Prime, a medieval civilization exists. Brewing outside the walls of its capital city is an evil force unlike any other. This treacherous army has intentions of laying waste to the last bastion of goodness, honor and peace. Its sorceresses and shamans will summon from beneath the earth's surface hideous and ferocious creatures created for destruction. Like a shadow of a [...]

Captain Hawk
Watch out Captain Jack Sparrow! There be a new pirate in town, and if ye be scouting for some great reading, you've just hit literary treasure with Captain Hawk, by Robert Marquiss. "The colonies of the New World were emerging," says Marquiss, "The fate of these continents and islands lay within the outcomes of the conflicts between the European countries and the pirates that sailed the seas." [...]

Prince of Kartoon
Kartoon is an island besieged by evil spells of a sorcerer. Can they be broken? The Old One knew that one day a prince would come and unite the land once again. turning it back into the lavish city and island it once was. But no one believed in the prophecy anymore. An old wives tale, some said. It was a time of warring clans, there was to be no peace. Then one day a ship of peculiar design [...]

The Kingdoms of Magic Book 6 - The Escape
Hit with the Royal Guards' poisonous bolts, Commander Rank is severely wounded while capturing Duchess Dielos. His days are numbered. King Shadak is worried that he will lose his best commander with the war imminent, as they have no antidote for the poison on the Royal Guards' bolts. He sends the Commander to the Magical Falls as a last hope. Will that work? And what happens if Queen Elise finds [...]

The Kingdoms of Magic Book 5 - The Duchess Is Taken
Queen Elise, badly wounded and lying in bed, awakens to find a man sleeping next to her. Who is this stranger with a mysterious medallion around his neck? And why is he sleeping next to her? Did something happen that she can't remember? This is unheard of, but she is taken for a moment by how handsome he is. Elsewhere, Duchess Dielos is kidnapped from the King's summer home. She is poisoned and [...]

The Kingdoms of Magic Book 4 - They Came To Conquer
Queen Elise staves off the first onslaught of fierce Skavian warriors trying to take over her domain, but is severely wounded in the battle. When she is finally brought to the Fairy Palace, Her wound is turning even more serious. The spike that hit her had an unknown poison on it from another land. There is no one in the Fairy Kingdom who can help her with it. Daleana tries but even she can only [...]

The Order Of Things - An Indian Legend
Indians have lived in the south west of Northern America for longer than the white man has been on the East Coast. No one thinks that Indians ran across dinosaurs, but I venture to say that they did! I have found that not many people know that tigers, mammoths and other creatures lived in that area in the distant past. There is a museum dedicated to creatures of that distant past called The La [...]

The Kingdoms of Magic Book 3 - A Dream Comes True
With death imminent, only moments away, King Zurich looks out his window to the south, hoping to see the sign that his chosen successor will fulfill his dream of a safe and happy Kingdom. His daughter Dielos, eager to take the throne, feels she has been cast aside for another whom she despises. With distrust and broken loyalties everywhere, a deep, dark and hidden secret of the Royal family comes [...]

The Kingdoms of Magic Book 2 - The Big Secret
The clock is ticking. The King is dying. All are asking, "Who will replace him? Who can?" but there is no answer. It is felt throughout the Kingdoms that with King Zurich gone and no one strong enough to take his place, their world is doomed. King Shadak of the Underworld knows that now is his time to strike and take the Kingdoms for himself. Above ground, waiting for her scouts, Princess Elise [...]

The Kingdoms of Magic Book 1 - The King is dying and war threatens . . . .
On a planet called Utopia, an aging wizard named Loden created an island he called Nor for the safe keeping of various entities that he cherished. They were all magical in different ways and were forbidden in other worlds. The - King that he left to rule these kingdoms is dying. In secret, another wizard created a realm for entities he liked. They came to be called the Underworlders. When word [...]

Anthology of Short Scripts Volume 2
Whatever I think about I write down. I have a number of shorts kicking around that I wrote up as scripts. I picked five more of the best (my opinion) to present in this collection. In it you will find: BUGS: What do you do when the aliens you were sent to kill are already dying? FROM ANOTHER WORLD: Can an artifact bring two antagonistic people together? THE WEDDING: What's the best way for a gang [...]

Anthology of Short Scripts Volume 1
Whatever I think about I write down. I have a number of shorts kicking around that I wrote up as scripts. I picked the best seven (my opinion) to present in this collection. In it you will find: THE VISITOR: If you've permanently injured a loved one, what should you do about it? JACK THE PLUMBER: How do you make your target pay for his own assassination? MR. PORTER: What could happen if your dead [...]

Three For The Clouds
Captain Masters is on the move, September 1942, in the Pacific, deep in enemy territory. These were desperate times needing desperate measures. Men were cast in the throes of battle against a very well trained and formidable opponent, hoping to come out alive. After an arduous bombing raid that dealt heavy losses, Masters and his two other pilots were on their way home; they found they had no [...]

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