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Books by David Belisle

Author David Belisle

The Trumpassic Period - Year One
Do you wish you could close your eyes and the Trump presidency would just go away? ... Behold the next best thing. It's another time, another place. Welcome to the Trumpassic Period. They're all here. The Tyrumposaurus, the Crookadillary and the rest of the not quite ready for prime time dinos. Read along as they traipse through the Puhl-DePlugg Reservoir, where politics meets paleontology in [...]

The Dog Behind Me
"The Dog Behind Me" is contemporary fiction on a short leash to fantasy, featuring a rather resolute four-legged friend. It's a reincarnation, dual perspective tale told by man and his best friend. Belisle's fifth novel barks attention to a fresh take on "A Dog's Purpose." The synopsis ... Jake Belvedere grew up without the father he desperately needed. High school diploma in hand, he reaches out [...]

I Was Justin's Nanny
The Liberal red tidal wave of support had receded, revealing a new prime minister on the Hill. It's the daring, debonair Justin Prudhomme ... and his delicious dark locks. Issues pile up quickly. The stuffed shirts and stiff collars need to be ironed out. A hungry media awaits their daily dish and there's simply no end to the dirty laundry. But that's all on the Hill. Justin's wife Josie is busy [...]

Forever We Play
It's America's pastime ... when your time is past. Baseball ... that diamond cut on emerald grass under turquoise skies ... is where heaven meets earth. Down home dialogue breezes through dugout chatter and buzzing fans to find the sunny disposition in all of us. Baseball is the true escape, taking one's soul to a better time in a better place, where life is but a game and a loss is still a win [...]

It's the slap-leather summer of 1876. Sardinian immigrant Giovanni Sacchettini is on the run -- smack dab into the American old west. Historical fiction has only so many bullets and barbed wire, but Gio manages to find them all in chance encounters with Wyatt Earp, General Custer and the rest of the High Noon lineup. Will Sacchettini come of age, get the girl and lend his name to more than [...]

Full Moon
Dragos Dodos and Bogdan Moldovan are half-brother vampires, growing up together in Draganesti, Transylvania. Dragos has two facial warts - one more than normal - giving him superior powers. All Draganesti dracs are limited however to sucking blood from a victim with their blood type. Bogdan is up against the clock. Not only does the sight of blood make him squeamish, but he must conquer this fear [...]

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