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Books by Michelle J. Bever

Author Michelle J. Bever

ADD, ADHD, Autism, OCD, and More! - An Informational Resource Guide
An Informational Resource Guide that gives you detailed answers to causes, tests available, explains the tests, options to try, resources available, and much more. This is the book you've been looking for and needing. I am the type of person who wants answers and this book gives detailed information on causes, tests available, options to try, and is a wealth of information. This is the book [...]

Vitamins, Minerals, & More! - Food Groups, Functions of the Body, and Deficiencies (Symptoms)
It is always better to walk in knowledge than blindly without knowing why. I am one who wants to know why, what, and where. This book explains the reason why you need and should eat the foods for each Vitamin, Mineral, and more. It explains for each Vitamin, Minerals, Trace Element, Cell Salt, and more the foods that go with each and what function in the body that they help with. Deficiencies are [...]

Men... It's time to get a CLUE! How to keep your woman from looking towards greener pastures!
This book is for those who would like to make productive changes in their life to keep their partner happy and not looking for greener pastures. If you can apply what you read and bring laughter back into the relationship than you are already on your way back into a stronger love zone.

Women's Survival Guide - Clues to Inside a Man's Mind
This book shares that men and women are not mind readers and this is a look inside to what many women have wondered of what is inside a man's mind or how they think. Well, here you have it ladies! This should enlighten you and give you or someone you know direction of how to attract a man and keep them instead of running the other direction! Also, there are topics that are not gender specific [...]

Men's Survival Guide - Clues to Inside a Woman's Mind
This book shares that we all want to be with someone who listens to our wants and needs in a form that we like. Men and women are not mind readers and this is a look inside to what many women have told me that they want along with the men who have asked me what it would take to make a woman happy. It's not always the price tag that can bring about a smile or look of warmth. I challenge all of you [...]

Nutrition Made Simple - Vitamins, Minerals, and More!
This book was written for people wanting to get simple answers about Vitamins,Minerals,Trace Elements,Cell Salts, Proteins, and Carbohydrates. You'll see what foods go with what Vitamin and how your body reacts if it doesn't have enough. How your body reacts are sometimes symptoms of being deficient.

Correcting Learning & Behavioral Disorders Naturally!
This book is a guide to help explain symptoms, deficiencies, tests available, and options to try when you or someone you know has Learning or Behavioral Disorders. Topics are of Your Rights, Tests Available, Options to try if money is a problem, Causes, Misdiagnosis, and so much more.

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