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Author Nataisha Hill

I'm a Victim of Circumstances
It's rare that anyone gets it right on their first relationship go. You have to figure out who you are as a relationship partner before you can cater to your lover's needs. Lisa and Terry are in a 'work in progress' marriage. They love each other, but they are finding it hard to compromise on the baby issue along with other inconsistencies in their relationship. Ultimately, tragedy strikes and [...]

Reece in Pieces
Reece is the typical child who loves getting surprise gifts and hanging out at the local arcade. Since she is her mother's only child, being spoiled is a natural thing for her. Her dad and uncle buys her anything she wants, so she rarely has to ask for anything. However, there were times when Reece would get lonely from being the only child, especially when her mother would send her outside for [...]

Unlawful Vows
Until Death Do Us Part Andrea has the perfect husband. He's attentive, loving, affectionate, and not to mention sexy as ever. A man like Sonny, only comes around once in a lifetime. He was obviously raised with spectacular morals and values. Andrea could only imagine what his parents' marriage must have been like. In hindsight, that was exactly the problem. She had to imagine everything about [...]

Days In Her Life
In the Beginning of this Urban Thriller, Donna's Relationship with a Mogul gave her endless Butterflies However, Butterflies can Become Parasites After Secrets, Disloyalty, and Lies "Dirty Donna" is the name given to her by her new stepdaughter, Monica. Donna could care less about the childish name-calling due to her newfound circumstances. She is too elated by the fact that she is in love with [...]

We Were Still Kids
Unresolved Issues From the Past Can Lead to a Troublesome Future Charlie constantly finds herself reminiscing about the good times at grandma's house. She recalled her brother and sister playing outside while she helped Grandma Rose pick greens from the garden. The delicious soul food, the gospel teachings, and getting eggs from the chicken coop were only a few of the fond memories that [...]

After Dawn Breaks
Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty is Admirable Until it Backfires and Leads into a World of Pandemonium Dawn Lynn had been overcoming obstacles since the tender age of four. It was at that time the doctor advised her family that she would soon take her last breath. Although Dawn Lynn wasn't fully aware of the harsh tragedy that lied before her at that age, her mother Valerie was determined [...]

Partially Broken Never Destroyed 6 - Unfinished Business
As The Story Goes, All Good Things Must Come To An End Family Betrayal Is Brutal, and May be Impossible to Mend With her marriage off to a rocky start, Kayla is trying to find a way to filter out the negativity and put her life back in order. Now that Bryan has recovered, they both can began to rebuild their romance as well as focus on the newly expected edition to their family. Unfinished [...]

Partially Broken Never Destroyed 5 - The Devil's Advocate
What do you do when you realize the only way to maintain the lifestyle that you're adapted to is to play around with a little fire? For Kayla, it's not only a way of life, but keeping secrets is what's keeping her alive. Her boss, Ms. Wright is a walking soap opera in the flesh and is willing to deceive anyone in order to uphold her social status. Not only has she dragged Kayla in the middle of [...]

Alyce Leaves Wonderland
Alyce is "dying" to move out of her parent's home Unfortunately, she was never taught to be careful what she wished for... Everyday life is predictable for the intellectual, redheaded and green eyed beauty, Alyce Wilson. As a sheltered only child, her mother enforced Alyce's focus on academics, which landed her a full scholarship at a University in Washington D.C where her best friend is [...]

Little Cupcake's First Day
The first day of school is fun and exciting for kids! Enjoy this colorful picture book about a happy little girl on her first day of school. Follow her on her journey as she learns, has fun, and doesn't forget about the important things. Parents will enjoy reading this book to their kids and the kids will enjoy reading this book by themselves!

Ebook Supplier for First Time Home Buyer
Buying a New Home is Exciting, but Involves Research! Are you ready to purchase your home, but don't know where to start? Are you confused about interest rates, foreclosures, or mortgage brokers? Help is here. This e-book will guide you in the right direction for purchasing your home, or buying homes to sale. Learn about fixer uppers, home owners insurance, the housing market, and more!

Hello, Guys, The Baby Has Arrived - A baby Book
Congratulations on Your Bundle of Joy! Here are some tips and helpful information along the way. Discovering that you're pregnant can be a very exciting and scary feeling. You wonder if you're going to be a good parent or if you're able to handle such a responsibility. Luckily, parenting comes natural for most people. Once you are a parent, you discover a whole new world of possibilities and [...]

Partially Broken Never Destroyed 4 - Unholy Matrimony
Are You Able to Handle Your Lover's Secret Scandal? Just when you thought the romance couldn't get any more twisted in this Urban Love Story...It Does! Kayla is moving up in her career and her romance with Bryan is better and hotter than ever. They are finally sealing the deal by getting married in the luxury dream wedding she's always imagined. Everyone is on board and supportive of her [...]

Unleashing Essential Oils - With Extra Invaluable Beauty Tips
Do you need to grow your hair or clear up acne? Are you looking for a natural way to help eliminate wrinkles and dark marks? Essential oils have healing properties that could improve or eliminate minor and major health conditions. For centuries, essential oils have been used by various cultures and may be the natural cure to skin, hair, and other physical conditions that you have been seeking a [...]

My Diet Your Diet Our Diet - Just When You Think You've Done It All
This Is Not Your Typical Weight Loss Book Losing weight is tough. It seems like everyone around you is losing weight from a diet that didn't work for you or a diet that is out of your budget. I'm going to give you cost effective ways to lose weight and diet routines proven to help you lose weight. This is about never giving up even if you "think" you've tried it all. > > > No Expensive Gym Fees > [...]

Partially Broken Never Destroyed 3
Keeping Your Romance Spicy Isn't Easy...Especially When Someone Else is willing to Kill for a Piece of the Action Is it for better or worse...Or from Better to Worse in this Urban Love Story Kayla and Bryan are trying to find a happy medium in their romantic love affair. Unfortunately, people they have dealt with in the past won't allow their romance to blossom. Bryan is adding more skeletons to [...]

Experience of Life Vs. Expert Advice - Tai-LorMade Relationship Guide
Do You Wonder If He or She Is The One? How Far are You Willing to Go to Make Your Relationship Work? Everyone wants to be the expert or either ask an expert when it comes to dating. We all have theories on what should or should not exist when two people decide to hookup. It's common for lovers to seek advice about cheating, when to leave, or even how to know if their lover is a keeper. To truly [...]

Partially Broken Never Destroyed 2
Betray Me Once, Shame on You...Betray Me Again...Something Has to End... Family & Friends Get More Disloyal as the Plot Thickens Kayla's steamy romance with her hot, new love interest is reaching unimaginable heights. She's getting her life back on track as she attempts to leave memories of her abusive relationships in the past. She is living what she considers a normal life while exploring the [...]

Partially Broken Never Destroyed 1
Inexperienced, Naive, or Captivated by Lust? You decide. A Broken Heart Leads to a Contrite Spirit A twisted night leads Kayla into a hot and steamy love affair with the man of her dreams. Her intuition tells her something is wrong about this romantic encounter, but she is captivated by lust. Suddenly, his antics become questionable and her minor concerns turn into an obsession of searching for [...]

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