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Books by Roger Lawrence

Author Roger Lawrence

Three Hoodies Save The World 2
Three teenage boys thought they'd saved the world. So now it's time get back to the hard stuff, like being teenagers and discovering exactly what girls were all about. Just as they are beginning to relax, they discover something more important, more deadly. Their adventures have not ended. In fact they have only just begun. Not just unfriendly aliens out to get them this time, there is something [...]

After three right-wing thugs break into a museum to steal a diamond, they inadvertently release a ten million year old monster which proceeds to create havoc in London. As if the Prime Minster doesn't have enough to cope with, he cannot even tell the general public about this threat. With only days before "friendly powers" take the matter into their own hands, only one man can resolve the crisis: [...]

Three Hoodies Save The World
When three teenage boys are transported to an alien planet, it's not a good start to the weekend. Meeting a girl who isn't really a girl finding out that they are to be the next meal of a mutant alien, hardly improve matters. So after they discover that this planet is going to be invaded by lizoids, and the fact that they only have a week to stop it and the destruction of Earth, just piles on the [...]

Old Geezers - The Gateway
Three bored old men living in stupefying comfort are desperate for something to amuse them. In the ruins that was Los Angeles they find something that might fit the bill. What they hoped for was a few day's of fun and excitement. What they didn't expect was to destroy the entire world and create another infested with wild, and very angry people. Being chased by wild and very hungry beasts does [...]

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