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Books by Beverley Williams

Author Beverley Williams

50 Tips for Successful Meetings - 2nd edition 2017 (Spearmint Tips Booklets Book 8)
Successful meetings get things decided and ensure that useful contributions are made, heard and acted on. Ineffective meetings result in no clear outcomes and outstanding action points being carried over yet again. 50 Tips for Successful Meetings is an instant source of valuable ideas to ensure that your meetings are effective and make optimum use of time. Written by Beverley Williams, best [...]

55 Tips for Professional Presentations (Spearmint Tips Booklets Book 9)
Love them or dread them, there's no doubt that as you climb the career ladder, presentations will be a big part of your life. Fortunately, the skill of presenting professionally is not an innate talent or gift, it can be learned. The tips in this booklet let you into some of the insider methods and secrets of the people who present for a living. You may be presenting in person to small or large [...]

50 Tips for Managing Change (Spearmint Tips Booklets Book 7)
Organisations need to change to survive and many people will find some elements of changes difficult. Change needs to be managed and managed well. It's hard for people who are already struggling to come to terms with change to be made to feel that they are not up to scratch if they don't 'embrace the new challenges'. The key thing to remember is that change and the transition through change are [...]

50 Tips for Handling Difficult Situations (Spearmint Tips Booklets Book 2)
Difficult situations are a normal part of working life however much we may wish that they weren't. Learning how to handle the poor time keeper; the irate customer; or the staff member who makes spiteful remarks under the guise of humour, makes all the difference to our performance at work. Handling difficult situations effectively also has a huge impact on our levels of confidence and [...]

50 Tips for Appraising Your Team (Spearmint Tips Booklets)
Appraisal time can be a real opportunity to reward people for what they have achieved; to move forward with their goals or get them back on track. It's also an opportunity to build a better relationship with your team members. Use these tips to help you get the best from your team and equally as importantly, to give them the best from you. Written by Beverley Williams, author and training [...]

If you painted your life - A poem to help you find your way again (Spearmint Tips Booklets Book 11)
This beautiful poem, 'If you painted your life' is a really thoughtful e-gift to send to someone special in your life who may need a boost if they are feeling down. The inspirational words seem to have an ability to help people who are going through a hard time to see that their life doesn't have to stay grey; there is hope and they will see the colours come back into their life; it's time to [...]

50 Tips for First Class Customer Service (Spearmint Tips Booklets Book 3)
50 Tips for First Class Customer Service We are all infuriated by indifferent service: processes which seem to have been specifically designed to annoy us and organisations that don't get back to you when they said they would. This is a very direct, straight to the point tips booklet and will probably raise some eyebrows when it tells people what is and is not rude, good. If these tips get you [...]

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