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Books by Vanessa Brooks

Author Vanessa Brooks

Amanda (Victorian Melodramas Book 2)
Adventurous, antsy, adorable Amanda! A pretty minx of mischievous disposition is unwittingly drawn into the deeply shadowed underworld of Victorian London. Amanda Beresford uncovers the dark deeds of a man whom society trusts. This is a girl with a love of the simple pleasures in life, but Amanda soon discovers the adult delight of having not one, but two handsome admirers. Each man is compelling [...]

Elspeth: Mudlark Waif (Victorian Melodramas Book 1)
Engaging, enchanting, elusive Elspeth! A woman is made up of many aspects of personality and Elspeth Merryweather is no exception. She is a young Victorian woman whose character has been formed by necessity, lifted from despair and given hope until a cruel twist of fate changes everything. A simple courageous act on her part leaves her with total amnesia. Remembering nothing of her previous life, [...]

Wylde Switch (A Shift in Time Book 2)
Hugo Wylde is awaiting his wife Bridey outside their Jacobean Manor house in 1640, when a thunderstorm suddenly breaks overhead and he is struck by lightning. When he first awakes, he thinks that he must be in heaven. Men and women clothed in white, with brilliant light haloing them, surround him, but once he understands that his persona has been irrevocably switched with that of another man, one [...]

Lightning Switch (A Shift in Time Book 1)
Duncan's life is about to be turned upside down and inside out. Inadvertently caught outside during a thunderstorm while cycling back from where he works in Sussex, England, Duncan decides to seek shelter from the raging elements within a Jacobean barn that belongs to his good friends James and Emily. In the year 1640, Hugo Wylde is also standing alone during a ferocious storm, in the exact same [...]

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