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Books by Ritchie Felix

Author Ritchie Felix

The Creature from Egyptian Pyramid - The Revolution - The Spirit of Tahrir Square
The spirit of this historic square is the same spirit that produces great stars out of ordinary people. It is the spirit of uncommon leadership that inspires radical change in the believe system that has incapacitated ingenuity of men over the years. The spirit was not born in that square on that historic day, the Egyptians took their lives into their hands to challenge the uninspiring leadership [...]

The Connected - Switch from Credit Crunches to Creative Income - Breaking into the Wealth Zone of the Super-economics
Right now, from Berlin to Bangladesh, from New York to Tokyo and Bahamas to Bamida - technological revolution is shattering down great institutions, norms and cultures that were once held at very high esteem. Jobs are flying out from factories into homes and across the borders in remote village close to ends of the earth poles. Great cities that experienced riot or strike last in early 1900s are [...]

Income Edge - The Revolution - Re-Invent Your Income
Far back in 1997, every worker in the job market enjoyed high raises and large monthly paycheck, but after ten years in 2007, reality in the global finances left no words for enumeration. Many have lost their jobs and are re-entering into the hot chase for new jobs. Others are going back to school to obtain an MBA certificate to track better paycheck or better job. The reality is that there are [...]

Seventh Dimension - Apocalypse Of Wealth
At a certain speed, the speed of information - you lose every weight originally designed to stop you in life. This is exactly what this book will do for you. Wherever you are at the moment is an evidence of the quality of information that you have with you. Every information contains knowledge that must be consciously processed to deliver the ends and means of its usefulness if consistently and [...]

The Creature From Egyptian Pyramid
The Creature from the Egyptian Pyramid shares Ritchie Felix insights and foresight about the global financial conundrum that has stripped the world of more than 10 million jobs, wiped away the middle class; and right now making the Rich move from success to significance in global finances while the rest of the world languishes in miserable poverty. He cushions the blames of this turmoil on the [...]

Sagacity of Womanhood - Unveiling most guided and misguided truths about womanhood
"Sagacity of Womanhood flaunts to the bare eyes of every woman in this knowledge Age 50 reasons why several women fail in life. It parallel out subtle mistakes that every woman should avoid in relationship, career life, and in general life setting. It is the ultimate date with destiny for every woman" ...Jossie Akrei (PhD) "More women of great virtues have died for failure to resourcefully [...]

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