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Books by A.B. Smith

Author A.B. Smith

The Genesis Fear (Bible for the New World)
The Genesis Fear is based in 2025 around the young Darla Hiesum. At 23 Darla receives word through a rather strange set of circumstances that a man she always thought was her grandfather had passed away. Many people inherit unimaginable wealth, others old family homes from distant childhood memories, Darla receives these and so much more...the future. Come along as Darla tries to resolve [...]

Evils Sanctum (Tu'Ka-ree Book 1)
"Early man had a word for evil and that word is... Tu'Ka-ree" Some evil is too frightening to contemplate; once you do you only have two choices. Ignore it and join the herd. Or fight. Eric Westville was never a joiner. When he is handed a job by the sudden death of his predecessor, Eric finds himself pitted against an evil older than man. With the aide his night custodian he sets out to clean up [...]

Dragon's Tear
FireClaw, an ancient Red Wyrm, awakens from her growth cycle to find she has been robbed. As she sets out to be rid of the meddling humans once and for all, her life becomes interwoven with two unlikely foes - a half-Elf she must slay for his transgressions and an Elvin High Priestess that seeks her death. They fall into a deadly game of cat and mouse, alternating turns as pursuer and pursued, [...]

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