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Books by Crystal Mary Lindsey

Author Crystal Mary Lindsey

Time Illusion for STAR
Hearts ignite at first sight. STAR, headstrong, beautiful and full of intoxicating dreams of the future. BLAINE, a strikingly handsome neurosurgeon new to town - captured at first sight by her dramatic loveliness and magnetism. Abruptly all comes crashing down for them one fateful day when in the wrong place and at the wrong moment, Star is careered back through time to early Virginia 1754. [...]

House of Shadows - Secrets Never Die
Louisiana 1902. Mariah Kingsford FLEES her Opera stardom in New Orleans to escape an abusive pursuer. Arriving back at her North Carolina plantation she is stunned by its state of disrepair while even more alarming are the disturbing secrets it now harbors. Mysterious, nightly occurrences with ghostly horse riders spiral out of control - and far beyond Mariah's comprehension. Newfound friends [...]

The Mystery Healer of Smoky Mountain - Inspirational Medical Romance
Who is the MYSTERY Healer concealed in the Great Smokey Mountains of East Tennessee? Why must he need to keep his identity a secret? Marni Granger is a young woman who lives at the base of the mountain. As a child, falling against a hot cooking pot, she burns the side of her face. Teased at school and later stared at as an adult, has been the cause of Marni wanting to live in isolation with her [...]

Yasmin finds THE WAY: Christian Spiritual Romance
Fully covered from head to toe in the shapeless apparel of the Muslim faith Yasmin Dupont despises her life of forced endurance. Living with her father who is rarely at home and a stepmother who enjoys to torment her, she makes a desperate escape from this bondage. With careful planning and a change of name, Yasmin flees her misery under cover of darkness. Can her escape succeed? Or will she be [...]

Love's Time - A Christian Time Travel Romance
The year is 2000 and Enya Raffetty is bewildered when she receives a mysterious packet from BEYOND the grave. It sends her on a mission to learn of a secret haunting from her family's origins. Enya travels to the spiritual OutBack town of Brolga where her great grandfather began the family legacy. Settling in at the old family homestead, she discovers a photo album from far back in time which [...]

Discovering TREASURE - A Christian ROMANCE to Stir Magic in the Mind ~ and Music for the Soul (Book #1 of Vision Valley series)
PARIS 1920's - To all outward appearances, Treasure Gilroy experienced the perfect life, full of glitz and glamour. Living in a luxurious Paris apartment and traveling back and forth to London, New York, and Milan, she was the envy of many. NONE would have guessed that beneath her facade she hungered for acceptance and love from her parents. Memories of them leaving her with her aunt or [...]

Cherished Encounter - Christian Spiritual Inspiration
The Australian Outback with its unique panorama is the destination for Doctor Ariana Ross. She leaves the secret of her parent's murder behind unaware in doing so; the past will finally be exposed. Dr. Ross's journey takes her to a medical practice in an Outback country town, where her impact on many - brings surprises. Passions explode when she meets Zane Lombardi, one hunk of gorgeous Italian [...]

Statistics show the numbers of abuse are rising around the world. Are YOU or someone that you know a victim of violence? Or, perhaps you see someone you believe may be heading in this unhappy direction. Abuse has become a pandemic like a disease and is rapidly spreading, even to Christian homes. In the lines of this book, you will read about a Christian woman who fell into this trap of deception. [...]

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