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Books by Edward Petty

Author Edward Petty

I Am Destiny's Child and Other Poems, A Collection
Poetry That Hopefully Resonates This E-book is a collection of 42 poems that I hope will give its readers a better understanding of how I view my life as a disabled and gay man. I hope that it enlightens and entertains. I hope that it stirs up emotions. I hope that it serves as a sucker-punch to all the naysayers who decry that all those who're labeled as "different" are unworthy. I hope that its [...]

Justice for Caleb (California Series)
California Series, Vol. 2 - When Adam's friend Caleb is murdered, the victim of a hate crime behind a gay bar, the young man vows to find his killer. In this sequel to DIARY OF A TEENAGED HUSTER, Seth returns to help Adam seek the killer of his one-time lover. Together the two young men track a killer and attend a murder trial - Strong Adult Content. Only for sale to 18 and older.

Diary of a Teenage Hustler
Strong Adult Content - Seventeen year old Ricky Devlin didn't have alife like other young boys his age. His past was filled with memories of alcoholism, drug abuse and family discord. It seemed to him like his only outlet was to write about it all inside his so-called "diaries".

Four Flesh Feasts and an After Dinner Mint
This short-story collection isn't meant to be read by the faint-of-heart. It includes five deliciously crafted tales that're about a battle with addictions, cannibalism in love's name, killing due to jealousy and a sequel to the novella that's entitled Jared's Little Playground that should sweeten the pot. I'm a horror fiction and films fan. I was inspired to write this short-story collection to [...]

This short story centers on how one man cares for an ailing friend after his friend tells him that he's dying from becoming infected with HIV. It showcases to all of its readers that friendship bonds are often very strong. I was inspired to write this short story because I'm a gay man. I struggle daily with being accepted by parents who either can't or don't want to open up their hearts to my [...]

Jared's Little Playground
Jared's Little Playground is set in 1963, amid Maine's idyllic scenery. Billy Barker sits inside a jail's holding cell and recalls a time when he, his friends and his father and mother met maniacal lumberjack Jared Underwood. Maine's woods are Underwood's playground. Although Billy Barker's family and friends go into the woods to celebrate Billy's 13th birthday, almost no one comes out of them [...]

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