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Books by Saiba T Cassone

Author Saiba T Cassone

Karmic Impressions
Karmic Impressions is a collective expansion of the world we live IN- A profound interpretation of material living and spiritual living. It is about the world teaching that we have received and the teaching from higher realities when we project - into them.

Music Within - Within the heart
I wrote Music within in times when total surrender of unconditional love was lifting up my all being in a splendor of universal majesty, in a splendor of peaceful harmony filling my heart of lasting joy.

Inspiring Journey - love poetry
In the heart of man there is always a flower that dies or comes alive, there is always a joy,a crying. In the heart of man there is a forest of dreams,an ocean of hopes. There is an abyss of solitude which creates illusions and defeats. In the heart of man there is a rose,a thorn. The rose is (LOVE) the thorn is sorrow, together are taking us through the course of this life.

Homosexuality IS? 4 dimension
For many years my passion was poetry and prose and wrote many of them, after I began writing my feelings and thoughts in a philosophical way in addition with metaphysical style. In general my writings express contradiction to the establishment and conditional world that we live in. I always will continue to write it's an inspiration from a higher dimension which is alive with creativity... The e [...]

The Illusion of Time
Dare to explore the actual reality of world events. "Freedom is the opposite of what they are telling us to do!" Tita Saiba Cassone has been writing since she was a young woman. Tita started with poetry then later got into writing about the world and current events. In The Illusion of Time, Tita condenses modern history and the human condition into a concise and easy to read book. A book worth [...]

The Crucial Time of Being a Woman
I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's been a long journey from my birthplace in Ethiopia with Italian parents. My father was in Mussolini's army. They returned to Italy when I was three years old, and I grew up near Florence. I came to the United States at age twenty. My journey may be considered contrary to the usual religious teachings based on blind faith. In my writings, I have portrayed [...]

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