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Books by John M. W. Smith

Author John M. W. Smith

Running With Zombies (Sandy Brown and Matt Black Series)
Mel is on the run from foreign mercenaries who want access to the zombie that dwells within him. It has terrifying powers which can give them a huge military edge. While on the run Mel meets Matt Black, a lad cynical and world-weary way beyond his years---he is tormented by difficult questions about the meaning of life (always assuming that life has any meaning, as Matt would say!). They meet [...]

May Never The Dead Return (Sandy Brown and Matt Black Series)
Is Matt Black sick or is he really able to have telepathic conversations with a prowling beast in Inglefield Wood? Half the time Matt is not sure about this himself. The farmers want to shoot the beast. Matt is determined to stop them. Then the beast is wounded and becomes...well...really dangerous. But where is it hiding? Why can't all the farmers and armed police track it down? What role do [...]

Hunting The Beast (Sandy Brown and Matt Black Series)
Sandy Brown discovers that something is not right when she visits her recently-widowed grandmother. There are strange goings-on at the remote farmhouse. Armed men crawl, ant-like, across a distant horizon. Sandy's grandma believes that her dead husband, Harold, is due back home any time soon. A marauding beast is loose in the countryside. A freaky ex-employee from the time when Sandy's [...]

Look Out....Mum's Gone Crackers! (Sandy Brown and Matt Black series)
"No dad, no kid brother, just me and my mother, and she's not the same mum anymore ... " So begins Sandy Brown's descent into a nightmare scenario on the freeway, in a car doing 70 miles per hour, driven by a mum who is rapidly losing her mind. Mum believes that matchstick-limbed creatures are trying to kidnap them. She is so terrified that she won't eat or sleep---which means she is going to [...]

Wacky Stories for Women Volume 1
Everything about Andy is too good to be true, so what is his secret? Has Joan really got everything that a woman could possibly wish for? Cathy is in no mood for the attentions of a cocktail -bar-Romeo, and it looks as if he's about to turn nasty! What on earth is it that Gina's boyfriend wants her to do to make him happy? Just what is included for Becky in this supermarket's not to be missed [...]

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