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No Tears Tomorrow
From Norfolk to Normandy - a family goes to war. The 16-year old twins, David and Emma, in the carefree world of the mid-30s, joke about becoming spies. To Commander Gregory, head of what will become the SOE, espionage is no joke, and he already has his eye on them. Despite strong opposition from their father, they and their younger brother, James, and their Belgian friend, Nicole, become major [...]

A Handful of Destiny
From Heaven to Hell via the First Fleet. At Michaelmas 1786, Thomas Nash's peaceful Norfolk farming existence is shattered when, instead of the expected restoration of his family's fortunes, he and his wife, Martha, are falsely accused and sentenced to transportation to New Holland. Both are unaware that the terrifying ordeal of that disastrous voyage is merely the beginning of their torture and [...]

A Handful of Courage
Frederick's happy, untroubled little world is thrown into turmoil when he is seduced by Imelda, and destroyed utterly by her murder of his baby son. Consumed with blind grief and guilt he joins an army about to become enmeshed in the most horrendous war the world has ever known. His bad dream becomes a far worse reality as battle follows bloody battle, and yet, throughout it all, an unlikely love [...]

Tripled Exposure
Harry Page, ejected black sheep of the family, has fought hard to become a top photographer, happy in his work and personal life, his biggest worry what new car to buy next year (he already has this year's model). Out of the blue comes news that the father who kicked him out of the family home has disappeared. Overnight Harry finds himself head of the family shipping concern, the last thing on [...]

Carve Up
John Hunter helped send down for a lesser crime an unknown serial killer thirteen years ago. The killer, a highly intelligent pervert, who carves an intriguing design on the foreheads of his victims and gets his kicks from sniffing the panties he pulls off them, is on a new killing spree, but has been coldly planning a diabolical revenge for all those years, and now has everything in place for [...]

Murder on the Back Burner
The fourth in the murder/mystery series, featuring Detective Chief Inspector Tony Dyce, of the Norfolk Constabulary, and his forensic pathologist wife, Jane Keller. A talented, well-funded killer is targetting ex-Metropolitan police officers, using a series of bizarre methods, which Jane uncovers, one by one. The forensic science is deep, dirty and diligent in the autopsy scenes, as ever, and [...]

Murder on Tiptoes
This is the first book in a series featuring Detective Chief Inspector Tony Dyce, his forensic pathologist wife-to-be, Jane Keller, Sergeant John "Ach, ma grannie's arse" Bell, and the rest of the team. A diabolically clever serial killer, who leaves either no clue, or clues deliberately intended to mislead, has already successfully had two innocent men imprisoned for the murders of almost a [...]

Murder by Proxy
Another page-turning novel in the series featuring Detective Chief Inspector Tony Dyce, his forensic pathologist wife, Jane Keller, Sgt John 'Ach, ma grannie's arse!' Bell and the rest of the team. A serial killer is murdering elderly victims, using a unique method that has the medical profession fooled. Mystery, murder, sex, humour, and a whole lot of intimate, authentic forensic science, a la [...]

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