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Books by Neil Ostroff

Author Neil Ostroff

The End Time
At the end of time lies the secret to a new beginning! Bob Bradly's desperation is consuming. The End Time Procedure shows his girlfriend Jane has two days to live, but he's even more mortified because he knows exactly how she is going to die. To escape fate and forge a new life, Bob and Jane travel a treacherous road evading poisonous migratory foliage, violent human-animal hybrids, and a [...]

Transcending the psychological thriller to the extreme! This book will blow your mind! Christopher Parker dreams of reuniting with his wife, Eve. Withdrawing deep into memory, he relives their relationship in absolute detail, blurring lines separating reality and his imagination. Family and friends who occupy Christopher's thoughts believe they are real. As each character uncovers discrepancies [...]

Nothing is as it seems! As pulp fiction writer, Kevin Turner's life is unraveling he receives a panicked call from his ex-girlfriend Tina, a high-priced hooker. The mayor's married son is dead in her bed and she needs Kevin's assistance. As if Kevin doesn't have enough problems. When Kevin discovers Tina's psychotic brother chopped up and removed the body, and Kevin's fingerprints are all over [...]

That scream you hear while reading... it's your own! Some friendships are best forgotten. Coping with deep financial difficulties and a failing marriage, Niles Goodman is delighted when a figure from his past, Cody Larson, shows with a map and story of buried riches. Embarking on a two thousand mile trip, the journey quickly escalates into horrifying episodes of violence, greed, and terror. Along [...]

Remember to breathe while reading, and keep repeating, it's only a book, it's only a book! A cold-blooded psychopath with gruesome tastes for twisted pleasures is out there. Undeniably genius, this psychopath kills anywhere at any time with seeming randomness. Police officer Aaron Miller receives the shock of his career when the mayor unwittingly assigns him the case. A chance encounter leads him [...]

Silent Invasion (The Imagination Series - Book One)
For hundreds of years, astronomers have watched the night sky for signs of life. They should have been watching out for our safety! Prepare for battle! From space comes a grave warning, something deadly is already here constructing a massive extermination force deep inside Earth. Very soon, ruthless extraterrestrials called Tarnacki will unleash a shocking attack that no one sees coming! Neutral [...]

Dream Traveler (The Imagination Series - Book Three)
To save the past she must travel into the future! The most frightening thing about Jamie Richard's nightmare is that she isn't dreaming! Light-years beyond imagination, advanced spirits called Phelastians are finally making peace with ape-like creatures called Dwellers. Formality requires that a twenty-first century human be present as a witness to the signing of the treaty. When Jamie falls [...]

Insectland (The Imagination Series - Book Two)
One boy must make a difference! Dan Larson thought he swatted a housefly. Turns out to be a reconnaissance soldier from an alien force planning to enslave the people of Earth. Kidnapped to a bizarre planet, Dan is the shrunk to the size of an insect and forced into a labor camp with thousands of other captured extraterrestrials. There is hope! Legions of alien insects, some alive, some robots, [...]

Drop Out
A multi-genre Amazon bestseller! Two separate lives, one impossible love. An unimaginable journey through Hell and back. Life is full of unexpected tragedies. Confronted with the unthinkable, Nathan Cruz loses everyone he loves in the twin towers collapse. Battling despair, he flees human contact to live in seclusion aboard a houseboat moored in the Florida Keys. Crushing grief does not diminish [...]

From the moment we're born we begin to die! What happens after? Construct of the afterlife is in danger of collapse! Entities in positions of great power are waging an immortal battle for supremacy. The devil, banished for eternity, craves this power and will do anything to attain it. High school student Nick Murray has died, but his death is not natural. His life was preparation for a mission to [...]

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