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Author Joel Savage

AIDS AND EBOLA - The Greatest Crime In Medical History Against Mankind
May 27, 2015 The updated new version of the book about Aids and Ebola, leaves no room for those involved in the medical crimes to continue covering up the crimes. Aids and Ebola are medical crimes against humanity. Scientists, World Health Organization, CDC, Belgium, America, Russia, Germany, France and Holland, committed those crimes and chose monkeys brought to the US from the Philippines, as [...]

The Passion of Reggae and African Music
Drumming and dancing have been part of Africa's culture for ages as ceremonial activities initiated by the ancestors to appease the gods. Unwillingly stolen away from Africa to the Caribbean, African music and rhythm finds its way to these islands in the form of reggae music. Since then, reggae has acted like a magnet, creating a huge impact on the global music scene. This type of music, which [...]

Road of Agony
It started in Africa, the place often referred to as the Dark Continent, in terms of colour. But there is something more associated to the term dark, which might be spiritual or might be the simple chapters of the normal growing life of the African. However, such an experience of the normal growing life is too tough to handle. Babatunde is a young man, whose harsh experience after his father's [...]

The Writer Died
Kumbe finds himself in a hostile environment, as a victim of divorce and neglect. An environment he witnesses the suffering and hustling his mother goes through to feed him. He was unhappy because his father was neglecting his family, spending his fortune on other women. He sees his adolescence as a struggle to win the support of his father. At school, he was among the best students. This gives [...]

AIDS Doesn't Discriminate, So Why Do We?
Benta lives in a little apartment in the Lake District on the outskirts of one of the beautiful cities in the Scandinavia Denmark - Aarhus. She soon becomes seriously ill after being diagnosed with AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). The stigma surrounding the disease causes many of Benta's friends and family to desert her. Kofi, an illegal immigrant, willingly accepts the task of caring [...]

Little Boygium - Wonderful Experience
"Little Boygium, Wonderful Experience" reveals how Joel endures nearly impossible challenges while simultaneously juggling a forklift driving course and writing books. He calls these tough moments "the wonderful experience." A brilliant book written by a writer, an adventurer, and a storyteller, "Little Boygium, Wonderful Experience" is an incredible book of inspiration and encouragement to [...]

Heart of Endurance
The departure of her husband to Europe left Akua and her one year old son in a state of total darkness and solitary confinement. There were rumors around the neighborhood that her husband had abandoned her and married a White woman, as many Africans do in order to obtain documents in Europe and the United States of America. A beautiful and charming woman, many men, including pastors who would [...]

Overseas Chronicle
Overseas Chronicle: The Rome and Amsterdam Experience is another suspenseful, thrilling epic tale of Joel Savage's books inspired by true events. As an illegal immigrant in Europe, before documented, he narrates how he survived the hostile harsh conditions and mafia gangs of Rome, Italy, by sleeping at rough places including the central train station and the notorious pantanella, an ex-Pasta [...]

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