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Books by David J Cooper

Author David J Cooper

Spick and Span
Meet Spick and Span, a delightful couple of squirrels who love adventures and playing with their friends. Spick and Span have a problem. They have to fight an evil old witch who is contaminating their forest. Will they win the battle and get the forest to be a clean and happy place once again?

Penny Lane, Paranormal Investigator - The Ouija Board Mystery
How far would you go to contact loved ones on the other side? Following the tragic death of Alicia, her friends use a hand made Ouija board in a local haunted castle and try to use it to get in touch with her. They soon learn that something sinister has come through the board, and it's not ready to say GOOD-BYE. As strange events begin to occur, they enlist the help of Penny Lane to help them [...]

The Party's Over
What would you do if you discovered you are HIV positive? Would you tell your family or close friends or would you keep it to yourself? In 2007, David met Bruno, a male stripper. They became close friends. David discovers that Bruno is a drug addict and is HIV positive. He has already lost a close friend to AIDS and has another close friend who is also infected. In 2012 Bruno died of [...]

DIANA, a Lady in waiting
Was the death of Diana, Princess of Wales really an accident? This book tries to replace the mising pieces of the jigsaw puzzle and gives readers information about other things that have happened with certain members of the Royal Family and how they were affected by being involved with another person.

Teaching English to Speakers of other languages
I am an English teacher currently residing in Mexico and I wrote this book to help candidates and instructors preparing to become a teacher of the English language by preparing for Teacher training courses, especially the TEFL program. I am also an instructor for teacher training courses and this book has been written from my own experience of over 14 years teaching the language in Mexico. It is [...]

Everyday Expressions in spoken English
Want to learn how to speak English like a native? Are you finding it difficult to express yourself in spoken English? Author David J Cooper is a retired English language teacher, and has taught all levels of English. In Everyday Expressions in spoken English, you'll learn: Expressions that native speakers use in their everyday conversations. Expressions that are used in the listening and reading [...]

Short Stories
This book contains a collection of different stories which are true and also some which are based on research. The true stories have been written from the personal experiences of the author while the others have been written based on researching facts. Some of the stories featured are as follows: A Celebration of Life, which is about a cremation celebration in Bali in Indonesia. The Court of [...]

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