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Books by Richard M. Heredia

Author Richard M. Heredia

The Birth of Bane
After three unsuccessful novels, the struggling Jeremiah Favor has decided to dig deep into his past and tell the tale he swore he would never tell. Over the protestations of his sister, he feels compelled. The story will not leave him. It must be told. In a frenzy, he sits before his laptop and produces the manuscript his agent cannot put down, the pages his publisher assures him will make them [...]

The Misbegotten (The Shadow Seed Series)
Unjustly hunted, their families murdered in cold blood, Estefan Ernando and his loyal band emerged from that horror to the pinnacle of the criminal underworld. They've built a gigantic syndicate of interconnecting corporations, foundations and enterprises stretching across the Solar System, a vast new empire of Humanity called the Sixteen Worlds of Sol. They are the Aegis Synod - bound by [...]

The Unwanted Winter (The Saga of the Twelves) (Volume 1)
For more years than history could account, the Twelve have stood between mankind and a terrible, ancient menace. Time and again, the Guardians have thwarted the vile and wicked minions of Storm. They have cast them from the World of Man and back into the tormented plane from whence they came. Until now. This time, he has changed the game. He has done what could not be done. He has bereft the [...]

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