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Books by Cheyene M. Lopez

Author Cheyene M. Lopez

Into His Hands - Way Of The Cross
Into His Hands: Way Of The Cross - Authored by Rev. Cheyene Montana Lopez - List Price: $39.95 - 8" x 10" (20.32 x 25.4 cm) Full Color on White paper - 184 pages - ISBN-13: 978-1463728953 (CreateSpace-Assigned) ISBN-10: 1463728956 - BISAC: Religion / Christian Church / Growth - This book is sermons of when Jesus said into His hands I commend my Spirit and he bowed thus saying, :"Father It Is [...]

Blue Sky Rainbows - A Series of Children's Stories of the World of Dreams and Imaginations
I was once a child myself. I want every boy and girl to have imaginations and dreams. Every child can grow up to be what he or she wants to be in the world. It gives ideals and horizons. As a child of tomorrow's next generation, one must have to climb and look over the mountaintop first to see what the sky gives. Children must see the sunshine first before darkness settles in among the moon and [...]

Forgotten Storm
This book is touching and heartfelt. It will leave you with smiles of happiness while guiding you through tears. This book is about beauty and history, as well of the State of Alabama, both past and present. It will help in time and soul of spirit. It also brings you through struggles to inspire. It is sheer graced elegance of the how's and why's we go through what we do. Inspiring Courage Joys [...]

Prayer Seeds of Faith and Blessings with Jesus Christ Our Lord
Every breath I take and walk this world as God's child I am promised destiny. I pray and hope this book brings everyone back to God. If I have reached at least one person in this world, then I shall have considered to have done my best in destiny, milestone, accomplishments, goals and footprints embarked on this journey. If I have done so, I go to my God with an eternal smile on my face, legacy.

The Ballad of Lizzy Jane - Aces of Hearts
This is a classic western romance of two gunfighters. Once a man named Jake Mac Patrick laid eyes on a girl left for dead by outlaws. Jake took her on, raised her and she became a gunfighter too. Her name was Lizzy Jane. They fell in love with one another, the year was 1873, for this is The Ballad of Lizzy Jane: Aces of Hearts. A love of all to die for A love that is heartfelt A love that will [...]

Poems of Whispering Hopes of American Sunrises and Sunsets upon These Lands
I am Cheyene M. Lopez. I am the author of Poems of Whispering Hopes of American Sunrises and Sunsets upon These Lands. I am an award-winning poet, having poems published in anthologies. I also am a songwriter. I am the author of Hearts in Alabama: Best-Loved Poems of Alabama published by PublishAmerica. I am writing this new book of poems for you, the American people. I have been to many places [...]

Cubbles Webber - Adventure In Having Fun
This book is about learning using the mind. This book is about Cubbles Webber, It is from the heart this book which I write from my growing up as once a young boy on a farm. I feel this book is fun filled and children will want to have it read for them over and over. This book is of the imagination of thoughts. This book as your child hears it will go to thinking and visions in dreams. I let this [...]

Alabama Heart Of Dixie Poems - Where Stars Rise And Fall Upon Alabama
This is my newest book pf poetry all for my native home state of Alabama the beauty of the land, the kindness of its people and proud history from past to the modern day. I believe in Alabama. Once forgotten Alabama welcomes any and all to come and see her and passions brought.

Camille: Category 5 - The Most Powerful Hurricane Of The Century
The events of time in the years of this book I write about all are a true story of a time of history forgotten about. I hope by writing this book it brings about the reality of life which you will not forget about. Mother nature always displays her powers. The damages are quiet ponderous and ravishing.Maybe it will get you to remembering. Perhaps it will leave you gasping to not want to be in any [...]

Billy's Wish - Where Dreams Are Wishes Of Christmas
It is a story based one little boys wish to have love and a Christmas he had not ever had before. It is upon every little boy and girls wish who dared to vision and dream. In life we dream and dream hard to do the best to make our wishes to come true.Believe me there is a rainbow with every ones gold treasure at the end of it waiting for him or her to reach out and grasp on to it. This is the key [...]

Sincerely You - A Fight For Life, Willing To Win The Battles - My Battle With Diabetes Type II
I am the author of Sincerely You. This book is about Diabetes. It is my personal bout with this disease and facing it. I lived day to day. But most of all I have been through much. I have been through motorcycle wrecks in which I should of died which most people would have. I have had car crashed to which I should of died. I have fallen off step mountain sides and lived through it all. I was [...]

Jesus Son of God - The Crying Cross
This book is simple. It is about God's word living from the cross when Jesus suffered, bleed and died because he loves us. It is about those last hours of Jesus being on that cross nailed to it crying out loud for redemption of mans sins. This book I place myself as one of them among the crowd that day that our Lord was crucified. You can almost feel the power of Jesus and hear his bones [...]

Bouncy Pouncy The Ball
This book is to help children who are yet in school to be ahead in education. I was inspired by by grandchildren. I wrote this book for early development. This book brings fun to children while they learn at the same time. This book is available in ebook on Amazon Kindle, and Barnes and Noble online bookstores. It is for purchase in Paperback from and and [...]

Hearts in Alabama - Best-Loved Poems of Alabama
I want to thank God for all that He has done for me in life. I am just a plain, old country boy who learned to put all my words and feelings into poems. I am a native of Alabama, and I write something different on the beauty of Alabama for the way I see it. I feel and believe that you will truly like these poems. I hope to be able to write more books in the future. I want to thank any publishers [...]

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