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Books by Robert G. Williscroft

Author Robert G. Williscroft

Slingshot - Building the first space launch loop - the largest machine in human history (The Starchild Series Book 1)
NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner! Slingshot is a love story - about a man, a woman, another man, another woman, some gender bending...and a machine, the largest ever built. Slingshot is a mystery - about a missing aviatrix, a conspiracy, a true-believer. Slingshot is an adventure - about following a dream, the ocean-deep, outer space. Slingshot is about constructing the first space [...]

The Starchild Compact - A Hard Science Fiction Novel of Jihad and Interplanetary Exploration (The Starchild Series Book 2)
NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner! The Starchild Compact is an epic tale of beginnings, roots, what might have been, and what might be. It is an adventure of heroic proportions, commencing 500 light years away, arriving here just a few years from now, and ending in the distant expanses of the Universe. Jon Stock takes his international exploration team to Saturn's moon, Iapetus, that [...]

Operation Ivy Bells - A submarine novel of covert diving and underwater espionage during the Cold War
Winning the Cold War is in the balance... A super-secret, off-the-books spy organization; a security-clearance starting at Top Secret and going up from there; an attack by giant squid during a thousand-foot dive while breathing an exotic gas; a cat's whisker escape from death during a three-day decompression - and that's just the first two chapters of "Operation Ivy Bells," before the action [...]

The Chicken Little Agenda - Debunking
A scientist takes on the distortions and outright lies foisted on the public! Robert G. Williscroft firmly establishes that the sky is not falling. By using scientific research and solid reasoning, he explains some of the most disturbing problems facing our nation including global warming, the safety of nuclear power, the politics of education, and the oxymoron of government efficiency. With a [...]

Starman Jones - A Relativity Birthday Present
The 1st book in the captivating, educational, beautifully illustrated 11-vol Starman Jones Series designed to give young readers an intuitive grasp of esoteric science. It teaches youngsters about the amazing effects of Relativity. Starman Jones and Spacepup wish to take Baby Billy on their adventurous trips from star to star in their starship, Willywinder. But Billy is too young, so Starman [...]

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