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Author Kate Taylor

Captive To Cocoa
A little girl hides behind a frightened young woman's skirt. A distance away, two men talk. One of those men puts money, what would be the equivalent of $35.00, into the much younger man's hand. A woman who has been standing an even further distance away is motioned to come closer. She reluctantly puts out her cigarette and sidles up to the woman and child pair. The stranger man nods to the [...]

Eagle's Eclipse - America Before Columbus
Christopher Columbus was not yet born and unbeknownst to any European, the massive Native American city of Cahokia was bursting at its seams with a population that rivaled the population of London. Ruled by his master, the ancient vampire entity of the Forbidden Tome, Lethal Assumed and Treason's Truth finds himself as chieftain of this very city. The tale of Kakeobuk, wise chieftain of the [...]

Treason's Truth - Mac Alpin's Scotland
"This slice of historical fiction begins with the ancient vampire entity of The Forbidden Tome; Hansel and Gretel's True Tale and of Lethal Assumed; Lost Tome Found, not in Germany of the 1850s or present day Seattle but in the days of yore when Scotland was in Mother Earth's womb and about to be birthed. The tale of Cinaed Mac Alpin , known commonly as Kenneth, and his queen Aiobheean, opens as [...]

The Pink Eraser
Meet Opal . . . Picture a little girl who even at the tender age of four, thinks she needs to be perfect all the time. Shake your head as she is traumatized by a kindergarten teacher. The memory of the event will haunt her for most of her life. Sit next to her as she discovers that there really is magic. Play with her in the place she calls 'Fairyland' Be with this child as she faces health [...]

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