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Books by Siara Brandt

Blood Curse - Deadrise VI (Deadrise Series Book 6)
Violence in the streets takes on a whole new meaning as a zombie apocalypse brings civilized society to its knees. But the undead aren't the only threats in a world torn apart by death, chaos and destruction. Will mankind become its own worst enemy or will something better endure?

Into Night
Vampires. Are they myth or reality? It's the question that Elijah Hunter must answer before time runs out and the woman he loves is lost to him forever. But he has his own dark secret, one that haunts his nightmares and has followed him for over two hundred years. Are the past and the present tied together somehow? And what will the final shocking revelation mean to him?

The Haunting of the Opera
The Paris Opera House is haunted. At least the superstitious performers there will tell you that it is. What else can account for all the strange and mysterious happenings that occur on a regular basis? Some believe that hidden within the walls and lurking in the deep abyss of the lowermost cellars far below the Opera House is some dark and ghostly presence. The Haunting of the Opera takes the [...]

Blood Moon - Deadrise V
Mankind has lost its way in the dark nightmare of a global zombie apocalypse. In the chaos of a world ravaged by a plague of living death, what hope can survivors have, if it is even possible to have hope? Desperate choices and chance encounters will lead several groups to the only certain thing that awaits them all. The unexpected.

Blood Reckoning - Deadrise IV (Deadrise Series Book 4)
Blood Reckoning, the fourth book in the Deadrise Series, takes the reader on a journey into the darker corners of the human psyche. Radical ideologies combine with greed and corruption to bring the world to its knees. In a world where the undead hunt the living, and fear and hunger reign, is there anything left to believe in? Although the history of mankind has often been written in its own [...]

Dark of Peace
As mankind falls prey to an ancient enemy, all the earth is ravaged with fire and sword. If the Legend is true, however, there is still hope, even in a world of terrifying half-human abominations, the undead and beings of dark desires, depravity and unbridled blood lust. It has been foretold that a warrior will rise from the ashes, lead the world out of darkness and begin the final quest for [...]

Blood Storm - Deadrise II
A deadly plague is ravaging the world. A zombie stealth virus turns the infected into terrifying, flesh-eating monsters. Is it an unfortunate act of nature? Or the result of a bio-weapon unleashed in a sweeping terrorist attack? Perhaps the disease has more sinister roots. Survivors seek answers amidst the chaos and upheaval of a world suddenly plunged into a new dark age of the undead.

The Belly Dancer and the Border Agent
A kidnapping gone wrong. A terrorist plot. Serenne Brandeis find herself caught in the war zone known as the US/Mexican border. Just when she thinks her life couldn't get any more complicated, she meets the agent known as the Border Wolf and things really start heating up. Agent Caden Hawke never loses his focus on a mission. Ever. But all that is about to change. He has crossed one border with [...]

The Patriot Remnant - Return to Freedom
After a violent period of chaos and upheaval, America has fallen and the rest of the world has followed. The First Federation of Freedom has seized power worldwide. Were The Last War, The Dark Time and The Transformation merely random events in a world spiraling out of control? Or were they part of a more sinister plot orchestrated to lead to world conquest? Kade DuCheyne is an American. He [...]

Children's Tales from the Water Lily Pond
Children have boundless imaginations. In some ways, they see so much more than we see as adults. It's the way they experience the world. Books can open up entire worlds of wonder to them. They can take them to magical places and introduce them to fascinating, unforgettable characters that will live on in their memories. Books have been known to change a child's life. Nothing is better than a [...]

The Meadow and the Millpond - Tales for Children
When I was very young, someone gave my mother a dozen or so boxes of books. As far as I know, my mother never read any of those books. She used them to prop up our bed frame for a while. It didn't work very well because the books were always shifting and the bed was always collapsing. Because I seemed to have been born with an insatiable hunger for reading, I had a different use for the books. [...]

A Restless Wind
In 1889 the West is still an untamed land. After two years in Boston, Hetty Parrish has returned home to find that violence and lawlessness threaten everything she has ever known. What secret is behind the disappearance of a woman and child? And what danger does Hetty herself face? The shadow of greed and corruption is looming closer than anyone realizes, and shocking revelations threaten to [...]

The Ashes and the Roses
Two years of war have torn the country apart, and there is no end in sight. Both sides hold deeply to opposing convictions. When Ascensia McCay is caught up in a brutal guerilla raid, she finds herself a prisoner of a Rebel spy. The war spares no one, it seems, and she is soon caught up in a world of smuggling and espionage, where greed and corruption have free rein, and where traitors boldly [...]

Kadar's Quest - The Legend of Iamar
Kadar of the Wolf Clan wants only one thing. To return to his home, in spite of what he might find there. But he is plagued by what he considers his curse, and he has no answers as to why the secrets of the old Legend are being revealed to him in his dreams. The world is not as it used to be. The dark fire still consumes the hearts of men and its destructive force is getting stronger. As Kadar [...]

The Shadow's Fall
A serial killer is the last thing anyone expects in the small rural community of Alder Grove. But the isolated farms hold secrets, and there are skeletons in the closets that no one wants to talk about. Jenna Maurin knows the details of the recent crimes as well as anyone. In her search for answers she will come face to face with a terrible discovery in her own life as an autistic girl leads her [...]

Blood Scourge - Project Deadrise
A zombie apocalypse can't really happen. Or can it? In a world reeling with societal collapse and upheaval, the old rules don't apply anymore. The cities have become war zones, death traps where only the strongest, or the luckiest, survive. Forced to flee the urban areas, several small groups set out to look for refuge in an increasingly dangerous environment. Blood Scourge is the story of power [...]

The Water Lily Pond
Does time fade into nothingness? Or can memories and emotions survive beyond death? Can one soul touch another and leave something of its experience behind? Isela's childhood dreams are back, stronger than ever. The theme of her paintings is also becoming almost an obsession. Are those things tied in somehow with the mysterious man who has suddenly appeared in her life, and will she be able to [...]

Stealing Cady
When Cadenza Warrington uncovers a scandalous secret in Boston, she thinks she will find a safe refuge in the West. She is about to learn firsthand, however, that the Dakota Territory of 1886 can be an unpredictable and violent place. Wulf McKahan accepts the tracking job that has been offered to him, but only reluctantly. He quickly finds that the heiress from Boston that he has been sent to [...]

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