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Books by Lorraine Myers

Author Lorraine Myers

If Birds Stop Singing - Morning will be Void
I love the sound of birds chirping in the morning. They sing because they must, it is a requirement of them. They are a creation of God's handiwork. They know the seasons and the signs of time. Birds do not worry about the future for they know that God will provide for them. Can one imagine a morning without birds singing? The bible is filled with scripture verses referring to birds. Birds are an [...]

Lyrics and Chords of Life - In the Key of Family
Three (3) Short Reads chapters, Still Attached, Above the Horizon and The Cancer Couple. Dedications of love to my Mother, my siblings and other family members who have passed on. These are mind engraved memories that I will cherish forever. Chapter 3, The Cancer Couple, is a blessing I wanted to share with the world because my husband and I have just celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary and [...]

No Better Than Anyone - Just as Good as Everyone
Perception - Self-love and Self-respect may be our greatest assets! We must create a loving relationship with ourselves. We must recognize our needs and make them a priority in our lives. We are worthy of love and learn to appreciate who we are. As that Self-love expands, we begin to determine what is and what is not good for us. It's about affording ourselves the same compassion, generosity, [...]

Look Who's On My Shoulder - Spreading Beauty and Grace
Without change, nothing is possible. A caterpillar must change to become a butterfly. We, as humans, are butterflies waiting to happen. Change comes from growth. We must complete the process before we can become something beautiful. The caterpillar says, "woe is me", but the butterfly says, "wow, what a new beginning." We must be determined to give up being a caterpillar.

Above The Horizon - Goodbye Brothers, I Love You
Do you remember when your childhood best friend was your brother? I am one of millions of people who have lost brothers and sisters through illnesses, accidents and wars. This book is dedicated to the memory of my brothers and - brothers-in-law. Hopefully, sharing some of the good times and memories with my loved ones will remind others to love and spend time with family as often as possible. [...]

Still Attached - An everlasting bond between Mother and Child
This book reflects our lives from birth to present with a stark reflection on how our biological attachment via the umbilical cord plays a major role throughout our lives. We are never really separated from that initial union. The phrase "cutting the umbilical cord" is used metaphorically to describe a child's breaking away from the parental home. In speaking with many friends and associates [...]

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