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Books by Purple Hazel

Purple Hazel is... King and Caroline Medlin

Star Kitten
A barren far off planet called Rijel 12 is converted into a global prison by order of the Galactic Convention. The original proposal to turn a tiny mining operation there into the New Australia Planetary Prison is sponsored as a bill proposed by the delegation from Earth; and it is initially vehemently opposed by several of the other planets in the Interplanetary Authority. However, greed and [...]

Morgana's Handmaid
Growing up as a peasant girl, struggling to exist in the grinding poverty and dead end world of English feudal society; a bright, attractive young woman tries to make the best of her lowly existence. Then one day she gets the opportunity of a lifetime when her tiny village is visited by Princess Morgana, half-sister to King Arthur, who is searching the land for servants to attend to her at the [...]

The Wild Fields
Ludmilla is a young farmer's daughter living in southern Russia during the Russo Crimean Wars of the 16th century. Motherless since age three and with five older brothers constantly taunting her about her gender; Ludmilla eventually develops into a strapping, freakishly strong, and quite intelligent worker on her father's barley farm. Shedding her identity as a girl completely by age 13, she [...]

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