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Books by Sandra Rains DeBusk

Author Sandra Rains DeBusk

We live as though we are blind, unable to see what is truly happening. Things are about to change for the people in the small city of Royce Nebraska and waking up now is just a bit too late. The government has dropped an experimental weapon on the city of Royce, and people are changing. Craninium S3 causes you to change how you feel, how you think and most of all, it changes your appetite so much [...]

Come Together (Volume 1)
The song "Come Together", played constant for a whole day and night on the radio. Suddenly the newscaster interrupted and made an announcement that would send chills down my spine. "Listen up people, we are being attacked ... not by someone, but by something! Run people, run and hide!" Then he was gone and we were all on our own.

Remember Me - I Matter
This is for all of the Veterans that have served this country. This story is about the pain involved in serving our country and being forgotten by not only the government but society. It's about betrayal and distrust. It's about the dishonor and unfaithfulness of our military.Ljubinka Valesh has since passed away. March 21, 2018. RIP LuThe first part of this book involves and is about - real [...]

I See Fear
A small town in Southern Ohio falls victim to a Government experiment whilst it's populace is driven to the edge of insanity and even DEATH.A tainted water supply renders Frostbridge, and it's people defenseless and vulnerable to their greatest fears alone, most will die. What do you see?I See Fear

Saving Grace - Angel Of Mercy
For those who believe in angels and the works of God, this book is for you!Grace is a young woman who lost her first love, her husband Joe. She falls into a deep depression and is giving up. Spirit is her angel and comes to save her from a self-inflicted death. Spirit is trying to earn her wings and saving Grace is the way to do it! Little does Spirit know ... she will grow to love Grace.

Bury Me - The Deadliest treasure (Joe & Dom)
Joe and Dom are friends from childhood. They have always loved to treasure hunt and getting older didn't stop that. They have opened their own "This and That", Shop, where one man's trash is another man's treasure. One day, though, they dig up a treasure they will never forget. A skull with a pure gold cross attached to the forehead. To Joe, it looked as though someone had truly taken pains to [...]

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