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Mr. December - Family Life, Love, and Firefighter Heros in a Small Town (Heroes of Rogue Valley - Calendar Guys Book 10)
Hurt by family betrayals, firefighter Liam Gibson doesn't trust easily. The one time he let his guard down, photographer Grace Camry stole his heart. Liam intended to spend the rest of their lives together, until the unexpected death of Grace's father changed everything. Although Liam still harbors feelings for Grace, when she walked away without an explanation she shattered his trust. Dad wasn't [...]

Mr. September (Heroes of Rogue Valley - Calendar Guys Book 9)
Firefighter and local musician Ethan Goldberg enjoys every second of his celebrity and popularity with women. After her unwitting relationship with a crook who landed in prison, Kylie Treadwell avoids public attention. Publicity-loving Ethan is the last man she wants to associate with. Now she's been hired to organize his home office. As she discovers he's not the man she thought he was, her [...]

Mr. July (Heroes of Rogue Valley - Calendar Guys Book 7)
Summer Putnam's trust issues with men began during her childhood, and everything she knows about handsome firefighter Tony Clark reinforces that mistrust. Beautiful Summer is too uptight and controlling for Tony, who has issues of his own. When a run of bad luck pushes them together, everything changes. Suddenly they're seeing a lot of each other. Their growing intimacy threatens to unravel [...]

Mr. August (Heroes of Rogue Valley - Calendar Guys Book 8)
Twice divorced firefighter Nate Gorton is ready to settle down for good if only he understood women better. After several failed relationships, Becca Chambers has decided to stay single. In high school, Nate had a crush on Becca but she barely noticed him. They haven't seen each other since. Now they're in a wedding together. Nate is still drawn to her and she's still uninterested, but she agrees [...]

All I Want for Christmas (Halo Island Book 1)
Great for fans of Susan Mallery, Bella Andre, and Marie Force. All I Want for Christmas is a small town, feel-good romance, the first in a four-book series. Nothing is more precious to Ryan Chase than his five-year-old daughter, Maggie. She's the reason the widower moved to Halo Island in the first place to get away from his hectic, work-all-hours job and spend more time with her. Ryan will do [...]

Ooh, Baby! (Halo Island Book 3)
Great for fans of Susan Mallery, Bella Andre, and Marie Force. Ooh, Baby! is a small island, feel-good romance, the third in a four-book series. Running a business and being a temporary mommy to her sister's seven-month-old are two full-time jobs. The last thing Lily Gleason needs is to be audited! Then the Halo Island jewelry designer meets her new accountant. Honorable, straightforward Carter [...]

The Pilot's Woman (Halo Island Book 2)
Great for fans of Susan Mallery, Bella Andre, and Marie Force. The Pilot's Woman is a small island, feel-good romance, the second in a four-book series. It's deja vu when Liza Miller boards D.J. Hatcher's seaplane for Halo Island. How could she forget the handsome pilot who whisked her away from heartbreak three years ago? Clearly, he hasn't forgotten her . But D.J. has been burned by love, and [...]

Mr. June (Heroes of Rogue Valley - Calendar Guys Book 6)
Love hurts and firefighter Max Meier should know. Years ago his little sister died, then his parents divorced. Max keeps his relationships short, sweet, and painless until he meets teacher Megan Spenser. No stranger to loss and heartache, Megan still believes in love. Her warmth chips away at the protective shield around Max's heart and threatens his risk-free love life. Will he move beyond the [...]

Mr. May (Heroes of Rogue Valley - Calendar Guys Book 5)
Firefighter Hank Gardener harbors a heavy secret and crushing guilt he failed to contain the fire that gutted Deanna Oliver's home and damaged the bed & breakfast she is painstakingly renovating. Can he atone for his mistake and help her rebuild out of the ashes, or will his secret destroy them both?

A Place to Belong - Ann Roth Classic
To an outsider, which Clint strong is, Popp, Oregon seems like any other small town. It has its busybodies, its local scandals...and an unassuming boarding house for stranded guys like him. But Alison O'Hara, the house's owner, is like no woman he's ever met. Suddenly Clint is acting like the man of the house. Doing repairs...and kissing Alison with a passion that scares them both. What man had [...]

Mr. April (Heroes of Rogue Valley - Calendar Guys Book 4)
When firefighter Owen Ayers allows freelance writer Hallie Sawyer to shadow him for her Guff's Lake Fire Department magazine article, the normally easy task proves challenging instead. Jaded by his failed marriage and wary of getting involved, Owen is irresistibly drawn to Hallie. Shattered after the unimaginable death of her fiance and the miscarriage that followed, Hallie is slowly rebuilding [...]

Mr. March (Heroes of Rogue Valley - Calendar Guys Book 3)
Firefighter Gus Viggio needs to convince the stubborn great aunt who raised him and recently suffered a stroke to give up the house that has become too much for her. When she refuses, Gus enlists help from her flamboyant hairstylist, Wanda Lippman. The two women get along well, and Gus's great aunt just might listen to her. Wanda and Gus have each been hurt by love, and neither is ready to [...]

Mr. February (Heroes of Rogue Valley - Calendar Guys Book 2)
Rafe Donato is a senior firefighter well aware that loving a woman can destroy a man. He will never trust any female with his heart. Jillian Metzger is a talented potter whose biological clock is ticking. Ready to fall in love, get married and start a family, Jillian wants what Rafe cannot give.

Mr. January (Heroes of Rogue Valley - Calendar Guys Book 1)
Adam Healey wants a promotion at Guff's Lake Fire Department, which will finally earn him the respect of his dying father. Single mom Samantha Everett's deadbeat ex left her to fend for herself and she's struggling to support her young son. Neither Adam nor Samantha wants a relationship. But love has a way of surprising people ...

Father of the Year
Entrepreneur Will Stoner is a competent executive, but when he becomes guardian to the son he never knew about, Will does the only thing he can he hires help. Nanny Dena Foster's gentle ways take the trepidation out of parenting, and despite a bad marriage that made Will mistrust women, he warms to Dena. Now he wants more from this nurturing beauty for himself. First he has to erase the doubt in [...]

My Sisters
In some families, there is pain and loss, but there is also the unbreakable bond of love. Sisters Margaret, Rose and Quincy Lansing were never a close or loving family. When they receive the tragic news that a car accident has claimed the life of their mother, they must return to their childhood home. In unraveling their mother's secrets, they find not only revelation, but also strength, hope, [...]

Another Life
Learning of her husband Stephen's fatal heart attack is the worst thing Mary Beth Mason can imagine until she learns about the other family he left behind. Another wife, another daughter, another home hundreds of miles away. Out of the ashes of a lie, she starts to create the life and the family she's always wanted. A life built on trust, honesty, and perhaps even love...

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