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Books by Suzanne Falter

Author Suzanne Falter

Destined (Oaktown Girls Book 3)
We are all destined to learn certain lessons in life ... and love certain people. Whether we're ready to or not. Garage owner Lizzy is finally about to move in with her love Kate, an Irish expat, until ICE shows up and threatens to deport her. Soon Kate is living in a Sanctuary church and Lizzy is trying to get her out. But the church maintenance person, Monroe, soon gets dangerously obsessed [...]

Committed (Oaktown Girls Book 2)
From the author of Driven: "This is a fun read! Lizzy is totally adorable..." Curve Magazine - Is it wise to propose marriage to your undocumented girlfriend if she just moved in ... and she's already thinking of moving out? That's the question on auto mechanic Lizzy's mind as she wrestles with what to do in Book Two of the Oaktown Girls series. Commitment is definitely in the air for this [...]

Driven (Oaktown Girls Book 1)
From the author of the Rainbow Award-Winning series, Transformed - "This is a fun read! Lizzy is totally adorable..." Curve Magazine - Who says you can't find the love of your life while you're getting your tire fixed? Even IF your boss is actively trying to close her garage? Driven is the oldest woman-owned garage in Oakland - and the pride of the lesbian community. At least, it is until the [...]

Transformed - POTUS - A Quirky Romantic Thriller
Screw Camp David. The first Post-Trump President is a sex addict who hangs in Vegas ... and keeps misplacing the nuclear codes. In this hilarious, fast-paced novel, the firstpost-Trump President 'decompresses' by picking up women in his time off. Whichis complicated when the nuclear Gold Codes go missing, and a bad actor is aboutto infiltrate POTUS's inner circle. The CIA calls in Charley, a [...]

Transformed - Paris - A Quirky Queer Spy Novel, #2
Elektra was just going to Paris to work on her French ... really. Until she meets a British aristocrat with purple hair and a serious grudge against humanity. Former society dominatrix Electra follows her boyfriend, Charley, on a CIA assignment to Paris. Soon she stumbles upon Dickie Borque, a toe-tapping, sinister expat. Immediately, she begins to suspect Dickie is behind the dirty bomb plot [...]

Transformed - San Francisco (Quirky Romantic Spy Novel Book 1)
*** Winner of a prestigious Rainbow Award *** Can one crazy fundamentalist take out SanFrancisco's hedonists? And can a transman spy, a society dominatrix and lesbian SFPD sergeant stop him? Charley McElroy is a handsome, well-heeled travel writer and CIA operative and he's having a midlife crisis. Not only did he get suspended by the Agency after forgetting to pay his taxes. Only days earlier, [...]

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