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Books by Norma Hinkens

Author Norma Hinkens

Girl of Fire - The Expulsion Project Book One
The path to revolution has a twist... ...for a runaway Chieftain's daughter and an indentured serf who has never known a day of freedom. Adrift a ramshackle mining vessel, they uncover a dark secret that leads them to the brink of war. Stakes rise when a barbaric space pirate crosses their path and a shocking discovery plunges them headlong into a frantic race against time and space to destroy [...]

Judgement - The Undergrounders Series Book Three
The mighty Craniopolis falls. But a darker shadow takes its place. A shocking revelation rocks the survivors to the core. With everything at stake, the factions unite, but motives are suspect and mistrust runs deep among former foes. Rumors surface of a murderer at large within the city and Derry's leadership as head of the new Council is challenged when the sweeps resume. Aided by the mysterious [...]

Embattlement - The Undergrounders Series Book Two
Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner! The Undergrounders prevail. But war has just begun. Against all odds, Derry and a handful of survivors escape the malevolent Doctor Lyong's clutches, but victory proves bittersweet. No one knows if Owen is dead or alive. Forced to find new recruits Derry makes the treacherous journey to Shoshane City, home of the mysterious riders. Mutiny [...]

Immurement - The Undergrounders Series Book One
Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, or The Divergent Series! The Sweepers are coming. The hunt for humankind begins. The year is 2069. Derry Connolly and her brother live in perpetual fear of capture. A scorched post-apocalyptic earth overrun by merciless gangs offers little haven. From the skies, mysterious hoverships manned by military clones prey on the young. When Derry's [...]

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