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Author Barbara Goss

The Housekeeper's Proposal (Heroes of Hays Book 4)
Who Killed Helen Walker? The town accuses Jeremy Walker of killing his wife. The sheriff's sister, Kate Hammond, applies for the job as his housekeeper to find the proof they need to hang Jeremy. However, Kate never suspected she'd fall in love with the man. Her new mission is to find out who really killed Helen Walker to clear Jeremy's name. When the real killer is revealed, it sets Kate in a [...]

Forbidden Legacy
Unspoiled by her beauty or wealth, Sarah Clarke travels an arduous journey by stagecoach to inherit the Arrow C cattle ranch left to her by the grandfather she never knew. However, the ranch foreman, a half-breed Indian called Storm, also claims legal ownership. The rugged, impassioned young man arouses conflicting emotions in Sarah. Because her own father was killed by Indians, she is first [...]

The Romantic Ruse
Amazon Best Seller April 2016. Desperate circumstances called for bold action. Lily couldn't resist the invitation to masquerade as her friend Emma to escape an undesired courtship. Her ruse backfires when she falls in love with Emma's intended. How could she possibly tell him her real identity? This deceit has also put her life in danger. Gus finds her working in a saloon and turns his back on [...]

Temptation by Moonlight
A stepmother you'll love to hate! Pittsburgh, PA 1900: When Alex is crippled as a result of a tragic carriage accident, Nora is hired as a companion/aide to the angry, belligerent young man. Alex's stepmother seems to want to keep Alex crippled and confined to his room, while his brother Nathan isn't sure what he wants. Nora is confused by this strange household and is determined stay out of the [...]

Drawn From Darkness (Hearts of Hays Book 4)
Christian Romance: 1897- Hays, Kansas-- Nellie, a devout Christian, meets Nicholas, a devout womanizer, and sparks fly, when their two worlds collide. Nicholas, the rich son of the hotel's owner, can't control his attraction to Nellie, one of the hotel maids. Nicholas pursues and Nellie retreats. Her own pristine reputation is endangered as a result of Nicholas's undisciplined actions. Nicholas [...]

The Kissing Bridge - Cassie's Story (Hearts of Hays Book 3)
Does absence truly make the heart grow fonder? Silas doesn't think so. Courted by Silas for three years, Cassie feels it's time to move their relationship to the next level: marriage. Silas is forced to reveal a secret past life that must be dealt with before he can commit to Cassie. This secret takes him back to Kansas City where he is forced to face the consequences for his actions years [...]

The Final Vow (Hearts of Hays Book 2)
Life is about choices, the fear lies in making a wrong one. Left on the steps of a church as in infant, Laura struggles with her decision to dedicate her life to God. On her way to a mission in Texas, a train robber snatches the novice nun and uses her as a hostage. Jesse Collins, her rescuer, not knowing what else to do with her, takes her home to his family. Never having experienced family [...]

Silent Love
Caroline is desperate to reach Oregon and find her only living relative. She persuades Simon, a man traveling on a wagon train, to let her pose as his wife. As they face and overcome capture by Indians and other dangerous adventures along the Oregon Trail, Caroline and Simon bond as friends. When they reach Oregon and Caroline's Aunt Hattie, they go their separate ways as agreed upon at the [...]

Dangerous Illusions (Hearts of Hays Book 1)
When Kate arrives in Hays, Kansas to teach in a one-room schoolhouse, she learns she will be "boarding around". She is alarmed to learn she'd have to board at the home of Josh Redfield. Could she live in the home of a man thought to have killed his wife? Rumors and gossip plague the town and the results could be dangerous. Part of a series but a stand-alone read.

Stolen Heritage
As an infant, Running Brook is kidnapped by the Comanche; as a teenager, she is rescued by gentle Quakers and introduced to Christian beliefs; as a young adult, she searches for love and her true heritage. Discreetly disguised as a boy, "Brook" travels to Texas with a tantalizing young army captain and his Indian guide. There she finds her father who welcomes her with open arms. But Brook's [...]

Captured Heart
Christian Romance: Two men vie for Amanda. One wanted the beautiful, fiery Amanda for his bride... the other for wealth and pleasure. Would her innocent trust be her undoing? Which one will capture her heart? Traveling to California on a wagon train, Amanda's family die of Cholera. She had prayed that they would live. Amanda is mad at God for letting them die. Eventually, she learns God did [...]

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