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Books by R.L. Kiser

Author R.L. Kiser

The Prophecy of Tara
Hot Chick Kicks Butt! Eons ago a great power arose to corrupt the world. It could not be destroyed by armies and so was split into pieces and scattered by a powerful sect of monks. Now it has arisen again, as foretold in a prophecy, and corrupted a powerful northern family. The monks cannot interfere so they've trained from childhood and tasked Tara, a vibrant young woman with special abilities [...]

The Twelve Tablets (Tales of the Crystal Book 3)
The forgotten temple of the Goddess Narine, the mystical Lady Mist, and a new army controlled by evil. The task before them is monumental. A thousand mile journey lies before young Crystal Warrior Darian and his armorer father. The young man makes good on his promise to return and discover the third obelisk buried in the deep desert and return to the temple of the Goddess Narine, as foretold by [...]

The Last Battle (Tales of the Crystal Book 2)
An epic tale of magic and warriors in a desperate race against superior forces to save the center of all civilization. The thousand year old temple of the forgotten Goddess Narine, buried in the vastness of the deep desert, is discovered by young Crystal Warrior Darian. But the Crystal,center of civilization, is under magical attack from unknown forces. Darian vows to return to finish their quest [...]

Chicago Chase (Educated Injun Book 2)
A killer leads three lawmen a merry chase into dangerous renegade Kiowa territory. How will they get out of this one? In the late 1800s American west U.S Marshal Tyrone Narrowhawk and his big partner Merle Johnson bust a cattle rustling ring in pursuit of a killer named Pearson. But capturing this slippery devil turns out to be no easy task. They are joined by Hawk's old mentor, a [...]

Exile-A SciFi Adventure
A Space traveler in 1600s Japan. Imagine the possibilities! In Earth's far distant past an epic battle took place in space thousands of light years away. Facing only annihilation Captain Kendrick turned his interstellar fighter craft to the farthest reaches of the galaxy until he reached a blue marble of a planet and landed on a large island in its northern hemisphere. Earth. 1600s feudal Japan. [...]

Crystal Fire (Tales of the Crystal Book 1)
An epic tale of magic and warriors, of flawed human beings overcoming adversity and personal demons to do what must be done. What do a beautiful, buxom, veil dancer in the southern desert, a besotted drunk on the docks of the coast, and a tired, bent old woodsman miles from civilization have in common? They were once the best of the Crystal Warriors, implemental in the calling up of a horrible [...]

Educated Injun
Not your ordinary western. In the late 1800s old American west an orphaned Indian boy is raised and educated by a powerful federal judge. With a law degree from Harvard, a U.S. Marshal's badge, a clever mind (and a few of the Judge's cigars from a locked humidor) he is tasked to slip covertly into the lawless west to uncover illegal cattle drug doings. On the way he picks up a former Calvary [...]

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