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Books by Stan Munslow

Author Stan Munslow

Get Stronger, Live Longer - 500 Affirmations for Optimal Health, Rapid Healing, and Maximum Longevity
"I know that I look, feel, and behave several decades younger than my actual age, and much of that is because I believe you are what you think you are. This is called positive affirmation, and it's a really strong tool." - Joan Collins - It's true! You are what you think you are. Your body is what you think it to be. Your health is as good as you say it is. Your habitual thoughts, beliefs, and [...]

Eight Traits of the Greats - How the Best Musicians Get That Way
Do you want to be a great musician? Do you want incredible technique and the ability to reach your musical goals? Well, there is much more to being an outstanding player than mastering rows of little black dots. When you really get down to it, great musicians simply don't think or act like everyone else. They think like winners. They act like champions. Their thoughts and behaviors cause them to [...]

Many Millions Strong - Your Victory Guide to a Bernie Sanders Landslide
Are you still in shock? Are you still in awe? Has it started to sink in yet? Fellow impassioned Americans, how long has it been? How long have we been waiting for a moment like this? Just think! We, the American People - "The 99%" - have just been blessed with the opportunity to elect a president like no other; a leader poised to return America to its citizens. Indeed, Senator Bernie Sanders is [...]

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