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Books by Donna Huston Murray

Author Donna Huston Murray

The Main Line Is Murder (A Ginger Barnes Cozy Mystery Book 1)
When her husband becomes head of struggling Bryn Derwyn Academy, Ginger Barnes learns that murder on the campus can kill a school's reputation in a heartbeat. To move the scandal off the front page before the school goes under, Gin uses her Mop Squad job to nudge the investigation along. Will her amateur sleuthing save her husband's job and her family's new home, or will her good intentions [...]

Lie Like A Rug (A Ginger Barnes Cozy Mystery Book 6)
While escorting Bryn Derwyn Academy's most infamous student downtown to be scared straight by a Federal judge, Ginger Barnes is shocked to find her childhood babysitter, textile professor Charlie Finnemeyer, on trial for fraudulently aging an Oriental rug. Even more alarming, Gin learns that two witnesses against her beloved "Uncle Wunk" suffered suspiciously convenient heart attacks. Eager to [...]

For Better or Worse (A Ginger Barnes Cozy Mystery Book 7)
FINALLY back to her spunky self after the loss of her husband, men have once again become an issue for amateur sleuth Ginger Barnes--men who mistreat their wives, men suspected of murder, and men who ask her out. WHILE WORKING on a DIY project at her newlywed daughter's house, a bag of bricks is thrown from the neighbor's third-story window. Next, pops that sound like muffled gunshots have Gin [...]

GUILT TRIP (A Lauren Beck Crime Novel Book 2)
Awarded HONORABLE MENTION in genre fiction, Writer's Digest 2018 - Stockholders send you death threats, and your son-in-law/Chief Financial Officer just committed suicide. Now something is off about the blonde hanging onto the deceased's remaining brother. Allow her to attend the Caribbean funeral your daughter planned? Friends close/enemies closer. A nod, and ex-cop Lauren Beck is in. Big [...]

What Doesn't Kill You (A Lauren Beck Crime Novel Book 1)
Awarded HONORABLE MENTION, 2015 Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards. Lauren Beck's friends, phone, home, credit and credibility are gone, severed with surgical precision by an enemy intent on framing her for murder. Is it one of the insureds she was hired to investigate? The fellow employee she upstaged? Does the daughter of her landlady and dear friend, Corinne Wilder, hate her even more [...]

A SCORE TO SETTLE (A Ginger Barnes Cozy Mystery Book 5)
When the murder of an NFL quarterback endangers her family, savvy football fan and sometime-sleuth, Ginger Barnes, is summoned to Norfolk, VA. Terrified that her husband will be accused of killing his teammate, her cousin Michelle has been hospitalized to save her pregnancy. No amount of hand-holding or take-out food will do. Gin must tackle the suspicions head-on to save an innocent life.

DYING FOR A VACATION: A Traditional Mystery
Who could refuse a two-week stay in a chateau perched on the edge of the Mediterranean? Certainly not Richard, who was fed up to his easel with the damp London weather. Babysitting a treasure-filled museum while his old Sorbonne roommate honeymooned in Spain was the least he could do. The vandals who'd been plaguing the chateau wouldn't dare return, the repairmen Tom hired would be completely [...]

NO BONES ABOUT IT (A Ginger Barnes Cozy Mystery Book 4)
On the heels of a nasty divorce, a dog trainer is blamed for her ex-husband's suspicious death. Evidence suggests she programmed their jointly owned guard dog to attack the prominent diet doctor, but did she? As the accused is being led off to jail, she begs her friend and sometime sleuth, Ginger Barnes, to save the champion German shepherd's life, an assignment that demands nothing less than the [...]

SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS (A Ginger Barnes Cozy Mystery Book 3)
A daylight burglary turns to murder when Ginger Barnes's neighborhood friend returns home at the worst possible time. Thefts and threats and wild accusations swiftly follow, tightening tensions on previously peaceful Beech Tree Lane. When elderly eccentric Letty MacNair is mugged on her doorstep, the message is clear anyone could be next. Gin's discreet inquiries sped investigations along in the [...]

FINAL ARRANGEMENTS (A Ginger Barnes Cozy Mystery Book 2)
Achieved #1 in Kindle Store for Mysteries and Female Sleuth - Fierce competitor Iffy Bigelow gets herself strangled at the world-famous Philadelphia Flower Show; and if amateur detective Ginger Barnes ever wants to hear the end of it, she must unearth whoever killed her mother's dear old friend.

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