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Books by Morolayo Anne Owoputi

Author Morolayo Anne Owoputi

The Blessing of Sarah Daily Pills - A Daily Devotional Guide for Waiting Mothers and Pregnant Women
This is a book on experiencing Supernatural Childbirth like Jackie Mize's Book. The Blessing of Sarah 'Daily Pills' is a companion prayer guide to Morolayo Anne Owoputi's prolific book 'The Blessing of Sarah'. It has been designed to help waiting mothers, pregnant women and those with cases of fibroid tumors pray Word-inspired prayers during their devotion. These thirty-one pills if used daily, [...]

The Blessing of Sarah - God's Clever Way to Overcoming Barrenness, Fibroid Tumors, Miscarriages and Complications in Delivery
This is a book on experiencing Supernatural Childbirth like Jackie Mize's book. The Blessing of Sarah Book shows you the secrets of how to conceive your own children despite all odds to your conception. It contains timely and practical truth on what you need to do to break free from Barrenness and infertility. It will surely impacts you with the empowerment for conception, Full-term gestation [...]

Prayer Millionaire - Timely truth about prayer that will change your life and lineage
This book will show you how to pray effortlessly and cultivate a result-oriented prayer life that leads to a life of abundance in Christ. You will definitely change levels spiritually, financially, emotionally, and physically after reading this book as it will impact power on your Spirit, Soul and Body to completely break-free from lack and limitattions.

Educated for Leadership - An Unspoken Tool for Change
This is a great book that shows you how to learn and use your education to lead and create change. You don't know how truly educated or uneducated you are until you read this book and you are able to objectively assess your being schooled. It is a great resource for young minds to know what kind of knowledge to pursue and how to use these acquired knowledge to effect great changes in their lives, [...]

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