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Books by Larry Landgraf

Author Larry Landgraf

Into Summer - Dawn of a New Age (Four Seasons Series Book 4)
The twins, Robbie and Ronnie Lindgren, head off on a new adventure. Tired of all the warfare, they want to try to return south Texas to a peaceful state, but change is always difficult, and peace comes at a high price. One will live and one will die in their quest for a new government, economy, and society.

Chaos in Corpus Christi
Twenty years after the chaos began, Robbie and Sean leave Peaceful Valley for the first time. They are on a quest to Corpus Christi. The boys have matured and need wives. The grid, government, and economy collapsed two decades ago. Ninety-five percent of the people died. The world has changed drastically. Only the tough have survived. Corpus Christi, however, is strong, but not without a price. [...]

Tales from the Riverside
Tales from the Riverside tells true and unique stories about one man's struggle with alligators, snakes, killer bees, and hordes of nasty critters on a daily basis in his swamp. Experience the danger without the need for professional medical services. Life in a swamp is not for everyone.

Into Winter - The Armed Invasion (The Four Seasons Book 3)
The ruthless dictator of Corpus Christi, Sandra Hawkins has blood in her eyes as she plans revenge against Peaceful Valley. Sean Lin discovers her plan, but does the small community stand a chance against her heavily armed and well-trained army? The valley's residents are wary hunters skilled at camouflage and stealth, but will toughness and smarts be enough to save their way of life from [...]

A Tempest In Texas
A chilling account of how Lars Lindgren and Eileen Branson must face new challenges when all of humanity is forced into desperate survival mode when the grid shuts down, and government and the economy crumble. True-life characters in gravely realistic scenarios sure to make some people squeamish.

Into Autumn - A Novel
What would you do to survive? Lars lives alone in the Texas countryside as the economy collapses and his world becomes a dystopian nightmare. Joined by 'city gal' outsider, Eileen, he and his neighbors band together in their "Peaceful Valley." Utilities are cut off, grocery stores close, gas stations close, and there is shooting in the neighborhood. Could you survive? Lars, Eileen, and the [...]

Into Spring - The Next Generation (Four Seasons)
Twenty years after Into Autumn , Sean and Robbie leave Peaceful Valley for Corpus Christi, hoping to find women who will join their fiercely protective group back home. What they find is a fight to survive the violent dictatorship of ruthless Sandra Hawkins. Meanwhile, a new family joins the group in the Valley, except that what seems like a safe addition might bring the worst kinds of change. [...]

How To Be A Smart SOB Like Me
Work, money, food, relationships, life in general these are the everyday struggles for billions crowded into our challenging world. Larry Landgraf tells us his story and the many lessons he's learned for finding extraordinary happiness. How to Be a Smart SOB Like Me is a stark but heartfelt examination of a life well-lived. You might like him, and you might not, but you can't help but learn ways [...]

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