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Books by Serge Lapytski

Author Serge Lapytski

Spiritual Incitement
"Spiritual Incitement" is a psychological thriller with an intense focus on the unstable emotional state of a young gentleman named Romeo, who used to be very healthy and brave, before strange things started happening to him. A couple of professionals, a Psychologist and an Intelligence Officer, by the will of fate or the solitary decision of their Boss, got involved in the complex investigation [...]

"I look average and act average, that is what I do best and that is what I was trained to do." The name of the novel is "Cockroaches." This is a very interesting and useful book, covering such topics as Human Relationships, Love, Betrayal, Military Intelligence, Espionage, Counter Espionage and much more. This book unveils the attempts by some Foreign Intelligence Service, through a third party, [...]

Me and my life - Guilty without guilt Or Confessions of the innocent
It will be Beneficial for any reader to read this book. Why? Because this book includes the Experiences of many people. And what is Experience? It is Knowledge. When we combine Knowledge with the Desire to succeed, it will give us Success, Power and Money. What will the combination of Power and Money bring us? It will give us Freedom. And Freedom is one of the components of Happiness, isn't that [...]

The heart of a lion! - E-Hare
This is an interesting book about a very smart and energetic little hare, and his adventures. When E-Hare, like any other child, goes to school or plays with his friends, he has to meet certain challenges such as bullying at school and tough homework, while learning invaluable lessons like how to study hard, have fun and so on. This book is written in a fiction rhyme style. The idea is to help [...]

Believe, Achieve and Forgive! No Fear; No Trust; No Requests
The name of the book is "Believe, Achieve and Forgive!" This poetry book includes poems about love, friendship, politics, and life situations. I write poetry and lyrics and I want them to be inspirational, encouraging and motivational. I want them to stand out. The idea is to help people; give them motivation and drive. The philosophical approach I use and the style, in which the poems are [...]

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