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Books by May J. Panayi

Author May J. Panayi

The Difficult Journey
A young doctor and his family wake to a bombed out, former home, and begin a long journey towards safety- not knowing what perils the journey will bring. A man filled with racist hatred, sets out to take the law into his own hands. Along the way he finds more than he bargained for. An idealistic girl wants to do something to help right the problems she sees in the world, but things don't turn out [...]

Return To Aegos (Sun Book 2)
Return to Aegos is a continuing story of life on a Greek island, but can be read alone as well as part of a series. In this book, lots of the characters are coming back to the island, some finding family and rebuilding bonds, some finding love. All set against a backdrop of Greek island settings that will make you feel as if you are strolling in the Greek sun as you read. Magnificent scenery, [...]

Malbed Mews
A brand new block of flats in the centre of the city, a luxury residence, or so the new inhabitants think. But these flats have a secret and they are not so new after all, just refurbished and modernised. What were they before? A dark past hides in the brickwork, waiting to be discovered. It seems that perhaps all the previous residents have not yet left the premises. Something else lives there [...]

Christian Celebrations Cookery
This is a collection of mouth watering recipes designed to make every Christian celebration and feast day be a treat for the taste buds. All recipes have been tried and tested and approved of, repeatedly. Each section has a little introduction which outlines the nature of the festival. You don't have to be a Christian to use this cookbook. If you walk a different path then just use the [...]

Bedtime Storybook - A book of stories for children
Bedtime Storybook is a book of short stories for parents to read to their children at bedtime. It is for the approximate age range of five to eight years old, though some children outside that age bracket at either end will still enjoy the stories. It begins with the rather unusual story, The Adventure of Panpuss the cat, which is the longest story in the book, and features as the cover picture. [...]

Four To Dawn - a novel
An office building is locked up for the bank holiday weekend. Four women have hidden inside for personal reasons. They have lots of time to reflect on life. Why are they there? Who comes out? This is a drama that plays out through stories told. Sometimes sad, sometimes happy, often explicit; let readers tell you: "Brilliantly portrayed and to be honest after the ending, it made me want to read it [...]

Sun Sea and Secrets plus Return to Aegos - Two books in one
These two books are a story of Greek life, a journey of friendship, sunshine, great food, cats, boats, and love. Finding people, discovering places, it's like a virtual holiday in the sun. Soak up the pace and feel of Greek island life as you explore the islands with the characters.

Pain Poems Prayer and Passion
A collection of poetry that takes a journey from the darkest, bleakest emotional landscape, through to a happy, peaceful place of light. On its travels, it visits mental illness, violence and surreal silliness, as well as scenes of nature and tranquility. It's a bit of a bipolar roller coaster ride, not really to be approached by the faint hearted and unwary.

A 21st Century Coven
May J. Panayi was a practicing Witch for twenty six years. She started out as a solo hedge witch, and later trained with a Coven in Essex, UK, to third degree High Priestess. She ran the Cthulhu Rising Coven in Brighton from 2000 to 2009. She now walks a different path, but has put her experiences and knowledge down in this book. Here you will find an extensive collection of Spells, Rituals, Path [...]

Muses and Meanderings
Muses and Meanderings is a collection of essays, articles, comic sketches, and general ramblings. It is something to dip into when you fancy something a bit different, want to promote a discussion, or need a slightly different, possibly somewhat warped, take on life. I make no apologies for my political or religious leanings; if you don't like them, please feel free to use them as a jump off [...]

Oddscapes and Quirkitudes - A collection of short stories, tending towards the odd
Oddscapes and Quirkitudes is an eclectic collection of short stories, in the traditional fashion of just a bunch of stories, as opposed to a whole book on one particular subject. They vary in both length and style. Some are strange, whereas others are quite dark and most definitely adult. Some are a journey into the human psyche, whereas others journey to the impossible. Dive in, I'm sure you [...]

Sun Sea and Secrets - A novel set in Greece
Set on a beautiful Greek island in the sun, this is a tale of mystery and searching. Ella is looking for someone whose name she does not even know. The islanders are friendly and welcoming, but everyone, it seems, has a secret of their own. The island is paradise, but what secrets does paradise hide under stunning vistas, and overwhelming scents? Can Ella find who she is searching for? Will she [...]

This book is a beautiful photographic representation of Woodvale (incorporating Extra Mural) cemetery. It takes a visual journey through the seasons, bringing breath-taking images that you will want to gaze on again and again. Gothic stonework combines with nature in all its forms, to bring images of contrast and in some cases harmony. Woodvale is an unexpected pleasure nestled in a thriving [...]

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