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Books by Jack Lourens

Author Jack Lourens

The Pastor, The Atheist and the Unbeliever
Our story starts in the year 2029. Not too many years distant. In the Middle East and North Africa a new, more moderate Islam is gaining ground as a new force in the region emerges from the chaos of the past. Europe, in particular, the United Kingdom, seems to be in constant dispute with the Muslims within its borders. The protectionist policies introduced by the United States in the early 2020's [...]

The Annunaki - The Dawn of Man
The Annunaki are the stuff of legends. Their history and that of the earth are intertwined. The Sumerians speak of a race of aliens from the planet Niburu, other tales tell of how a wandering planet Niburu collided with a giant planet Tiamat giving rise to the Earth. Further stories tell of how Niburu is planet X; on an elliptical orbit around our sun every 3,600 years. Legends of the Annunaki [...]

The Georgia Secession (1809 Book 2)
The Georgia Secession tells the story, the rather cunning and devious story that leads to Georgia declaring secession from the United States of America. Events follow from "1809; The Year they Freed the Slaves" the previous book in the series in which we saw President Thomas Jefferson signing the document that freed the slaves in 1809 in the first book in this series (I know Thomas Jefferson was [...]

1809; The Year They Freed the Slaves
The title gives our ending away. The book is the journey we make to arrive. Our journey starts in Africa with a young child, and her upbringing within a unique family. Atende learns the skills of her parents who serve as the Obeahmen and N'ganga of their tribe, the Shaman, but she also evidences behavioral traits that hint at some darker, something different, that lies deeper within. Captured and [...]

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