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Books by Janie De Coster

Author Janie De Coster

Playing the Game of Love
Donovan Lattimore has lived a privileged life of fame and fortune and is accustomed to getting what he wants. He's married to his lovely wife Charlene while still holding onto his side chick Cassandra. Now ten years later, Cassandra reveals a secret that pushes Donovan over the edge, threatening not only his marriage, but his mentality as well. Winston Taylor, Donavan's best friend, and business [...]

Love is Supernatural
Sergen Reynolds was everything to Jerrico Simmons, except faithful. Left with a broken heart, she sets out for a new adventure thanks to her cousin Vivian, a high-fashion model living the glamorous life in Miami, Florida. Ashley Covington, a handsome, charismatic acquaintance of Vivian, enters Jerrico's world like a knight in shining armor, and he is looking for someone to love him for who he [...]

What My Sister Didn't Know 2
Clay Matthews's world has spun out of control since he found out about his wife Saphire's philandering ways. Now, newly divorced, he is determined to move on with his life and new love Jillian Moore...that is until Saphire makes an announcement that will change everything. Lamonte Singletary had the kind of marriage he thought would last forever. If only his wife Gade hadn't slept with his [...]

What My Sister Didn't Know
Saphire married Clay Matthews, a handsome, down to earth and loyal man who worships the ground her designer shoes walk on. But no matter how hard she tries to love him, her heart yearns for another. Gade, Saphire's younger sister, married the man of her dreams. Lamonte Singletary is everything a red-blooded woman could ever want in a man. After the birth of their son, life has been picture [...]

**A FULL STANDALONE** Natasha Jacobs is a successful young woman who works for one of Atlanta's most successful marketing firms, Emerson & Stuckey. Sloan Stevens, her best friend is an ambitious young man working his way up the corporate ladder at the same company as well. Sloan and Natasha have been best friends since third grade, and their families and friends suspect they harbor feelings for [...]

Is He The One
**A FULL STANDALONE** Jayree Kennedy a brash and sassy young woman who thought she had the world by its tail that is until... she meets Marcus Reed, a fine older man who has plenty of money to spend. But is she ready for the trip he's about to take her on? Teresa, Jayree's older sister married Ray Ray Wilson, a charismatic hustler from the streets fills her head with dreams of living the [...]

Something New 2 - An Interracial Romance
In Janie De Coster's Interracial Romance Something New, the journey continues with even more twists and turns for the couple Tobias Benton and Brylane Robinson. After a publicized engagement was announced, Tobias fights to clear his name and get Brylane, his true love, back into his life. However, it will not be easy thanks to his jilted lover, Sharon English. Brylane Robinson had the fairytale [...]

Love In The Midnight Hour
**FULL STANDALONE NOVEL** Carmen Inez fell head over heels in love with Lawson James, a man she barely knew. He promised her a life of security, instead, she ends up living in fear. After a violent altercation with Lawson, she knew she had to leave. Cyncere Redmond thought he had found the woman of his dreams when he married Kelly Foxx, and what a fox she was! He had given her everything and in [...]

Something New - An Interracial Romance
Follow the journey of an interracial couple who are not only from different worlds but worlds that goes beyond the color of their skin. Tobias Benton- a handsome, white rich and successful businessman who is soon to inherit his father's billion dollar company. Tobias has been dating Sharon English, a beautiful and wealthy lady who owns several Art Galleries. From the world point of view, they are [...]

When The Vows Break
**COMPLETE STANDALONE NOVEL** Yasmin Lewis finds herself in love with a married man but not your ordinary married man. He is Pastor Sidney Teal, a fine and prominent leader of the mega church, Holy Word Holiness, with a membership of thousands. Pastor Teal treats her well in and out of bed. However, Yasmin knows he will never be hers, and she longs for more. More comes in the form of sexy, [...]

Donavan Lattimore and Winston Taylor have been friends since high school. They were both popular with the ladies, staying true to the game until they each fell in love. Ten years later, with fabulous wives, neither man has managed to give up their player shoes. For Donavan, its all about the game. Winston unfortunately finds himself caught up after meeting Star Collins, a beautiful sexy feline he [...]

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