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Books by Lily Amis

Author Lily Amis

Little Lily - based on the memoir Destination - Freedom
A loving story about a little girl named Lily and her mother Sima. Mother and daughter are being protected and blessed by the guardian Angel of hope during a difficult journey in their life. This book is based and inspired by the memoir: "Destination: Freedom", the first book of a trilogy by Lily Amis and reminds us that every one of us has a guardian angel and is protected and blessed by the [...]

Definition of Freedom
Definition of Freedom is the follow-up story to Destination: Freedom, an autobiographical novel. This time, the author is primarily concerned with her experiences regarding unemployment and bullying. During the 27-year period waiting for her naturalization in Switzerland she experiences lows, blows and all-too-human disappointments and finds out that she was even betrayed by her own father. Still [...]

Angel of Love & Lily - Zak, my sweet inspiration
The world is not just black & white and there's always another side of every story... Well this is my side. This is Lilys side of the story... Lily falls in love for the very first time with the smart and handsome Cypriot football player Zak. He becomes her Angel of Love and her sweet inspiration. This book contains 19 black & white Illustrations by Lily Amis. The Song lyric Book "Angel of Love - [...]

Angel of Hope & Lily - featuring Monsieur Jac Couture
A loving story about the guardian Angel of Hope, who protects a young girl named Lily, her mum Sima and her secret buddy, a tiny and super smart snail, Monsieur Jac Couture. With only two suitcases and a large supply of hope, the three start a new life in Europe. But they won't be able to make it through the difficult times without the support, love and care of their guardian angel: the Angel of [...]

Destination: Freedom - a memoir based on the true life story of a young girl Lily and her mom
The best way to understand the suffering of others is to hear their stories of courage and struggle. Being homeless, displaced, isolated and useless is hard to imagine if you've never suffered it. I have, so I speak out. Destination: Freedom is a memoir based on the true life story of a young girl Lily and her mom. With only two suitcases and a large supply of hope mother and child escape to [...]

Peanut & Lily - A beautiful love story about a lifelong friendship
PEANUT & LILY is Lily Amis's first children's book and based on a true, loving and sweet story. It is about a little cat named Peanut and is a reminder for kids and adults to take more care of innocent pets, who need our love and support. Peanut is a tiny little cat who has lost her whole family. She's all by herself in a big city. Peanut is afraid of everything and forlorn about her future - [...]

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